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What are the positive and negative attitudes of your best friend?
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21 / F / england.
Posted 10/19/09
the positives that come with my bestfriend aree;
she's really easy to talk to,
she understands everything that i'm saying,
and shes very funny, and i love being around her.

the negatives though;
sometimes she'll just ditch me without realising (not such a great friend )
but apart from that, shees amazing
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22 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 10/19/09
smiles friendly.....

has problems with our friend.....
Posted 10/19/09
Always positive, cheerful and happy, always know how to make me smile.

Is not afraid to hurt your feelings, even if it's unintentional.
Posted 10/19/09
friendly, funny, musical, trustworthy, comfortable to be around

can sometimes be socially awkward, moody, can be so vain sometimes.
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25 / M / my room
Posted 10/19/09

Positive : He's funny, good person to hang out with, trustworthy and someone I can turn to

Negative: He says things at the wrong time, annoying, usually sees girls as objects, a jerk

what a great best friend rofl XD
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26 / F / my very own kingd...
Posted 10/19/09
positive :

super friendly
good listener

negative :

sometimes talk without thinking
ignores me (sometimes)
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Posted 10/26/09

[Positive] She tells me all the gossips that's going 'round and has INTERNET.
[Negative] She kinda likes to brag every now and then (hah! that's a lie!).


[Positive] She's funny.
[Negative] She can be a little girly.
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22 / F / dubai
Posted 11/14/09
positive: she's friendly, cheerful, cheers me up, funny....

negative: she's like boy magnet, she makes me feel like im her assistant, sometimes she abandons me to go somewhere, she is kind of bossy, she's not that helpful, she gets angry so fast....
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Posted 8/1/10 , edited 8/1/10
bumpin' this shit

◦ generally upbeat
◦ witty
◦ pretty much on the same page as me about everything
◦ really intelligent
◦ FIERCE (in the best possible way, i love it haha)
◦ mature
◦ confident
◦ sensible, but it doesn't make her boring or anything? she is still this free bitch but she's not irrational
◦ reliable
◦ definitely a sweetheart when she wants to be
◦ open minded
◦ extremely attractive, i have a minor girl crush on her
◦ charismatic
◦ she has fabulous taste
◦ driven

◦ total fucking drama queen
◦ borderline conceited
◦ even though she can be really sweet and compassionate, she can also be really hard hearted
◦ i've known her for decades and she still intimidates me sometimes
◦ can be really cynical if something puts her off
◦ kinda moody
◦ analytical to the point where it makes you want to punch walls
◦ a bit selfish
◦ tends to try and play the victim
◦ spoiled
Posted 8/1/10
My friend's kinda violent at times...

But she always sticks up fo me. Even if I don't need sticking up for.
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29 / F
Posted 8/4/10
Positive----cool and friendly
Negative---sometimes double-faced.
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32 / F
Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10
always there for me
keeps my secret

she can be nosy to the point that she'll look through my confidential things (bank statement, pay stubs)
complains too much
she borrows money and never pays it back. (i used to let her borrow $ from me and i stop letting her borrow from me)
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F / Canada
Posted 8/4/10 , edited 8/4/10


- You can depend on her when it comes to projects
- Very friendly
- Fun to be around, upbeat
- Funny
- Intelligent
- Pretty


- Too boy crazy
- Loud
- Moody
- Wears clothing that shows a bit of her breasts and then she complains to me that guys were staring at her boobs -___-
- Doesn't share lots of secrets or gossip with me
- Cares about what others think to the point that she'll change herself
- Likes to talk about her and doesn't really listen when others are speaking
- Gives you the cold shoulder and ignores you if you do something that makes her not happy
- Brags about her grades and how awesome her family is (annoying, really.)
Posted 8/4/10

cool.nice.into everything i am.talkative.
she'll keep a secret for good.funny.

im not sure if there's anything i dont like....
she is my best friend
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28 / M / HFIL
Posted 8/4/10
Postive: He doesn't care.

Negative: He doesn't care.

Pretty much the same as me I guess.
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Posted 9/13/10
Positive - we think the same way and have the same set of mind. therefore we laugh together, even when there are things that don't seem to amuse others can amuse both of us for some reasons.

Negative - we do things too differently, and she is more of the loner type.
Posted 10/2/10

shares my interests
somewhat understands me
has a brain
is kind to me
doesnt talk about people


is somewhat weaboo (not the worst case ive seen)
likes to tell lies (some ridiculous ones too) and never admits it even if she is ultimately over-ruled
is a show-off
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