Post Reply do you think wwe will bring back the Hardcore Championship?
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is the hardcore championship will come back? in which brand?
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Posted 10/18/08
As Mick Foley said once when he was Commissioner: there are so many belts if you don't have one you seem like a loser. WWE suffers right now from TOO many belts that I and many I think cannot see more belts being added or returned. The last belt added (unnecessary to boot) was the Divas belt on Smackdown. At this time there are 3 Main Titles (one on each show), the Intercontinental Belt, the US TItle, the 2 women's titles and 2 tag titles. The Cruiserweight Title was also retired recently.

Also the WWE switched to a PG-13 rating, so they are cutting down on anything that would affect that and a Hardcore belt would be one (no blood for example if avoidable now). Now don't get me wrong it served its purpose when Hardcore Wrestling was big and helped a few guys like the late Crash Holly get over, but it's retired for good IMHO. Not even the shell of the new WWE version of ECW will get it.
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Posted 10/21/10
Never say never.
They might bring it back as a yearly gimmick trophy for a pay per view...
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They do though even then the no blood rule due to the TV PG rules hurt still a hardcore match. As some in industry said sometimes blood is right for if it enhances a story, a feud, a match. To outright not have it is silly. To have stoppages like it's sport when they keep denying being sports entertainment is sillier and I've noticed it also stop momentum of a match, like one time CM Punk got cut they tried to patch him up and he got frustrated as the momentum was lost so he went back in.

And it doesn't need to be gushers of blood on Muta levels, just a bit if to make hardcore work better. I am happy no more head shots with the knowledge we got today on concussions, but safe ones are fine like to the back or shoulders or legs. Hardcore "might" comeback but no where near as effective so fans won't like it. It can be done safe but needs to get over that PG is some type of huge hinderance. Yes TV censors will be all over some stuff but there needs to be a compromise considering what TV has allowed in the past too for hardcore wrestling to work as a PPV theme, a match, whatever it's used for if it makes sense to the stories and feuds. And to answer again the original question on hardcore titles even as a trophy I see it even less happening if TV PG rules so someone holding such a title would be so handicapped in what he/she can do. Even comidically as the great late Crash Holly did it with the title might be tough again as WWE doesn't want to use weapons kids could use in real life as well, so no McDonald's Hardcore matches and the like.
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Posted 10/22/10
I don't know, with pg, you still have a lot of room for implied violence.
With that being said, can you imagine the shock of a headshot at a ppv? Instant heat and from there they just replay the medical team taking out the person to the ambulance.
Implied ligament snaps. Unconsciousness due to a chokeout or passing out from the pain a la austin & hart ironman.
These things are still very hardcore in comparison to current televised content.
Besides, if they can "kill" Vince with an imploding stage, there's no limit to what they can and can not do, it's all in the presentation and timing of what they want to achieve.
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Yeah implied hardcore violence seems to be the only thing they do now for PPVs like TLC, Elimination Chamber, and Extreme Rules PPVs of the past. The thing is to use implied for a title's usage as in the question of the hardcore title I can't see it working too well as the hardcore style has died out a bit ever since ECW folded and most indies have moved back to being more wrestling oriented. WWE also shows they'd rather do comedy spots and long segments than have title matches, so bringing back anymore past titles is not an option too. I do concur that even look at a piledriver spot as being now a huge thing since the move was banned a while ago except for Taker and Kane's Tombstone Piledriver.

As for things like tapouts/passing outs similar again to MMA those are coming back with guys like Dolph Ziggler's Sleeper, Danielson's Lebell Lock, Jack Swagger's Ankle Lock etc. so that part is still there, but again doubt can see enough effectiveness for hardcore wrestling in the same way as still blood and weapon usage is either limited or nixed now in TV PG WWE.

Oh as for killing Vince everyone seems immune from when R.Truth was blown up by MacGruber in one of the worst segments ever to the too many times to count deaths of the Undertaker (calling it now he gets another via the buried alive match this Sunday). Taker makes Brett Favre's retirements/unretirements in the NFL seem tame heh.

I will again add also you need the right guy to hold a hardcore title. My personal favs with help from a new source I like at

*Mankind the original champ
*Crash Holly the Houdini of Hardcore
*Perry Saturn (you're welcome!)
*Molly Holly (OK I'm a huge mark for her many versions from Mighty to heel Molly)

Oh and for any Puroresu (Japanese Wrestling) fans, I was shocked reading an even CRAZIER title that this one inspired by said WWF Hardcore Title!

And I quote (oy dang you Cole...):

The Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship is defended anywhere against anyone, even during non-title matches or tag team matches, under 24/7 rules (if there is an official DDT referee present, the title can be won and lost), and unlike other Ironman championships does not need to be defended under 'Ironman' rules. The 24/7 'rule' is more-or-less a parody to the same rules that applied to the WWE Hardcore Championship. It is treated as a 'joke' championship, having two wrestlers, Yuukoh Miyamoto and Shinobi, exchange the belt 62 times with each other in one night (some of those title changes via Rock, Paper, Scissors) and being won from a wrestling fan winning an auction for the belt. Notable "champions" also include a dog and a ladder.

A regular match in DDT for the title is a 10-minute battle royal where the title can change hands any number of times, and the person who has the belt when the time limit expires can leave as champion. This is ironic in itself, as due to the 24/7 rules, the champion could be defeated for the belt right after the match finishes.

Former Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship holders
To date, there have been over 700 title changes for the belt, with Gorgeous Matsuno becoming the 700th champion, and has been won by numerous female wrestlers and non-wrestlers, including children, animals and inanimate objects.

W*ING Kanemura
Madman Pondo
JC Bailey
2 Tuff Tony
Kota Ibushi
Danshoku Dino
Muscle Sakai
Michael Nakazawa
Yuki Miyazaki - A female wrestler
Toshie Uematsu - A female wrestler
President Ramu - a 'possessed' little girl with the ability to chokeslam adults

Erika Yamakawa - a female celebrity
A TV cameraman working for DDT
Sayoko Mita - a female newscaster for a cable television station
The chief chef of the Yakeyama Springs Inn where wrestlers were fighting in
A taxi driver
Shimon Nagao - A fan picked from the audience
Kazuki Okubo, mixed martial artist, lost the belt during a subsequent MMA bout to Takashi Echigo
The Great Mampuku and AD Yamamoto - both characters from a TV show for children
Megumi Grace Asano - DDT's female referee
Yukinori Matsui - DDT's male referee
Reiji Azuma - An elementary school boy
Airi Ueda, Shiori Takahashi, & Minami Tanabe - Three elementary school girls, recognized together as co-champions
Nao Saejima - An adult video actress

Yatchan - A monkey
Cocolo - A miniature Dachshund dog.

Inanimate objects
Kitty-Chan - a stuffed 'Hello Kitty' doll
Mah-Kun - another stuffed doll, who defeated 'Kitty-Chan' for the belt
A baseball bat - lost the belt after being broken in half as a 'KO' decision
Three different ladders - each fell on the champion and a pinfall was counted, with some successfully defending the title by not being pinned during the time limit battle royal matches.
Chiririn - a chicken doll
Mr. Kasai - a stuffed Jun Kasai doll. Mr. Kasai has won the belt twice.
A Pro Wrestling Wave poster.
YOSHIHIKO - An inflatable 'love doll'. Wrestlers treat it as if it actually was an active wrestler, and actually sell moves "done" by him/her, mostly high flying moves. For some moves, like outside dives, YOSHIHIKO is helped by one or more assistants, who throw him out of the ring, pull his foot on the ropes, etc. Opposing wrestlers make like those assistants are not there and are part of YOSHIHIKO. The original YOSHIHIKO was 'killed' by an Antonio Honda knee drop which caused its head to burst open, and was replaced by a second YOSHIHIKO, who is also a 'love doll', only modified to resemble the Great Muta. The second YOSHIHIKO was killed by Kenny Omega by a giant swing that sent YOSHIHIKO out of the ring, thus splitting his head open and revealing cotton stuffing. Later on in that match however, a third YOSHIHIKO came out resembling The Undertaker's old American Bad @ss gimmick, even using the same theme music. Following that match, the third YOSHIHIKO was shot to death by Antonio Honda.

Misutero - An "invisible wrestler" i.e. non-existent. Opponents sell moves of a wrestler who isn't there, and the title is held by nothing and no-one but the wrestlers and referees act as if they can see and pin the "invisible wrestler". Muscle Sakai "won" the title from this "invisible wrestler" by using a "ray gun" and "infrared visor" to shoot the "invisible wrestler", winning the belt on a KO decision.

And that's your WTF note of the day.
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Posted 10/23/10
Awesome post As for the right guys, you bet, they are very much lacking right now in that department. All the right candidates, with the exception of cm punk, work for TNA right now.
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