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Bleach or Naruto
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Posted 10/22/08 , edited 10/22/08
i liked naruto when the only animes i knew and watched were on Cartoon Network since DBZ tenchi muyo and Runi Kenshin went off air and zatch bell didn't last long i watched naruto when i was 9. Once I started to watch other animes online i relized how stupid naruto was expesuly the american one. Bleach has more and better fight schenes and its morals are better. It's also easier to become a bleachtard than a narutard because to become a narutard u can only watch/read naruto but bleachtards can watch other anime/manga as long as bleach is their fav. So ya im a bleachtard
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Posted 10/22/08

TorFrancis wrote:

which is better bleach or naruto

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