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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/19/08
Chapter 15-Pervert Sailor

As I walked down the sandy beach towards a small town were the "party" was supposed to be held I heard Scar and some other pirates that seemed to be second hands on deck,talking.

I couldn't hear them so I inched closer but wasn't really paying attention to my foot work and tripped over nothing.

"OW!"I cried

The pirates looked back and I flushed.

They didn't have to look at me in that sort of way.

I wasn't weak or anything,I always took care of my town but every now and then when it hurt everyone would look at me with the same eyes as these pirates did.

Worried,Smug,Curiose.I never understood what these pirates were thinking.

"Are you all right Alice?"Asked Alto with a troubled look on his face.

I nodded,my face feeling warm.

'I made a fool out of myself' I muttered in my head as Alto helped me up.

"Arigato Alto-kun" I smiled

I heard throughts being cleared and saw that the pirates were thinking strange things again.

"God you dirty pirates don't think of such perverted things"I growled as I continued to walk (limp) towards the town.


The town was lit up with candels and people were surronding the bars were I guessed Scars and the others were going.

I sighed as my guess was right and they walked in the bars direction.

Seconds later the whole town had surronded Scar and the pirates and were chearing 'Why are they chearing for a bunch of pirates who steal,and...kill?'

The girls surronded the "attractive" pirates and the boys kissed the girls on the lips as a "greeting"

'Bastards they left me all alone over here' I muttered in my head as I rubbed my swollen ankle.

Atleast Alto was still around I though but in mere seconds he was tookin away by some younger girls talking about a makeover or something.

I didn't really care.

I had never been the one for partying,and dancing

I was even getting a little bit exited.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to face a man about my age but about 2 or 3 years older maybe,he smelled like alocohale

'ick'My nose scrunched at the smell.

"Hey cutie, you wanna have some fun?"Who does this guy think he is

"Um- no thank you.."I stood up quickly and turned around towards Scar who was surronded by girls in aw.

Something inside my twisted into a spiral and my throught felt tight.

I couldn't breath.

What was this strange feeling?

"Uh...never mind"I murmured without meaning to say a thing,and turned towards the older sailor.

He smirked and looked me up and down,and seemed to be seeing how I looked.

"Then come along gird'y"He put his arm and my shoulder and pulled me closer to him,the smell of the alcohal got stronger.

I had a bad feeling about this I thought as my stomace swirled in a butterfly filled spiral.

He pulled me outside of the bar and towards a bench on the beach.

We sat their for a while but the he moved his hand down my body to my waist.It didn't feel right,I was 14 and this guy was what 16 or 17?It wasn't right...

"Stop!"I pushed him away as he got down to my nee.

"What?"He growled looking upset

"This isn't any fun.."I murmured

"Gird'y what did you expect didn't your mama teach y'a never to go with'ye man alone at night'? "He moked as he pushed me down,my back against the bench.

"Stop"I cried as he started to pull at my buttoned white shirt (it was Scars)

"hhhmmm A girl shouldn't be wear'in such clothes now should 'yea?Its not feminit enough"He said as he ignroed my crys.

I didn't care about what I wore,I never had,I WAS one of the guys usually.At least thats what I thought when I was living at home.

"I don't care"I yelled as I kicked in beatween the legs and climbed out from under him but even in pain he grabbed me and held me down.

"Stop!Stop!"I said desperatly.

"You Bitch,how dare you"He said in rage as he reganained control of his pain and grabbed onto my bangs and began to slam my head back and forth into the bench, until my head felt warm.

As he slammed my head into the bench as hard as he could (probly trying to kill me) I began to have one of those "life flashing before your eyes" things,and began to see my life.

I missed my father,and his over protectivness,I missed my friends,and the people I had helped in the town,and the one's that had died in Scars attack to find,and catch me.

I never had beilived in how lovly my life was.But I trully was going to miss it.

And just as I began to black out and breathed my last breath I heard something...A voice calling out to me.In rage,and fear.

And then I died...

Painful Memorys...
Beutiful Memorys...

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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/19/08
Chapter 16-Death is a terrible thing

It was dark.

Pitch black

Wheres the light?

Where's the sun?

Where am I?

Thoughts streamed past me as I searched for something.Just something...

But I couldn't find anything,not even a voice.

It was..scary?

I had never actually felt such fear shot through me,let alone like this.

I didn't like this.Were was I?

My thoughts seased as I remained silent.Listening

'I don't care who it is,just speak please'I cried out.

It felt like I was crying,but on the inside.Why not on the outside too?With tears?

Finally,I heard deap breathing and gasp.

Was it mine?No not mine.

Someone else's

If it was possible the dark place that I was in seemed to get darker and it felt like I was fading away.

Like my body was flying,the pain seased,and my terrified feelings all numbed up to my body.

As I flew out of my body slowly I heard voices

"Cap'in she's dieing as we speak.You need to make a dessision"Said a voice

I heard a growl come from beside me.I couldn't figure out were next to my body though because my hearing was slowly dimming.

Was I the one who was dieing?

Or was it someone else?

I didn't know,but I didn't want to die!

I didn't even know were I was,or- or how it had happened!

I heard a sigh and felt something warm touch my...chest?No heart.


"Shut up"A voice said with a voice so cold that it even broght chills down by my numbing body.

The voices seased as the person...Waited?Or listened to my heart rate probly.

I tried to listen to but I couldn't hear anything.

And finally...My body went completly numb.

The dark place spun and finally...I was completly gone.

And just as that happened I felt something warm tap my...lips?

They sisseled for a second and for a second I almost felt their again.Almost.

It actually felt like my lips weren't numb anymore.

But why?

And then I blacked out deeper than before.
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/19/08
Chapter 17-Starting Anew

When I awoke the place was still dark,but I wasn't numb anymore.

For that matter,I thought that I was still alive.I hoped at least.

But were was I?

My body felt like it hadn't moved in a long time and it took me a long time to relize how I could control my body.

But in the mean time I stood completely still,and tried to move some sort of body part.

I ended up finding my eyelids.

So I opened them up,but colsed them quickly because the sun seemed to burn them.Probly because I had been in the dark for who knows how long...

I slowly opened them again and squinted at the burning sensation on them.

Finally my eyes ajusted and I looked around.

The place seemed familior...

A big room with dark brown hardwood flooring and white old fashioned looking walls.

I heard a door creak and quickly sat up to see the person but felt a daze of dissioness come through me and swayed a little and felt a pair of hands grab me by the waist.

The dissioness slowly seased as I leaned into a body and closed my eyes hoping for it to end.

When it ended I opened my eyes and looked up at the person that had helped me.

He was...Handsom?Was that the word for it.

I couldn't put my finger on it but he looked concerned.

And had a crease on his forhead and had tired eyes,and wrinkles under his eyes.

He was gorgeouse other than that,A blush creaped onto my face without my meaning too as I stared up at him and his deep black eyes,and perfect blond hair.

"Are you feeling better?"He asked,concern easy to hear in his voice as he settled me back down onto were I had layed.

I nodded absently,intoxicated by his beautie.

His eyes slowly seemed to lose their tightness of concern and sighed.

"Well thats good then..."He murmured as he stood up abrutly and walked in the direction of the door.

"Ano.."I lifted a hand out for him to stop.

He looked back at me warily as I asked the question that I had been wondering for the last few seconds.

"Who are you?"I asked.

His eyes widened and his forhead creased again making him look older than he actually was.

He moved so quickly that it took a second to proses in my mind that he was inches away from my face now.

"You don't remember?"He asked in a quick breath.

I shook my head 'Remember?Remember what?' I wondered to myself.

"Its scars,Captin Scars.The one that ALWAYS teases you"He asked,his voice full of horror.

I shoke my head "No...Why do you ask?"I murmured,my eyes wide as his face was twisted into a painful face.

"No...No you couldn't have."He whispered to himself rather than me "-But you..."He continued to himself.

I continued to stare with wide eyes as he got up and rushed towards the oor of the room and left.

Minutes later I heard arrguing on deck,and talk about "Living,but paying the price and forgetting" I didn't understand any of it even though I could hear most of what they were talking about since my ear was against the door listening.

Curiosity flew through me as I wondered what they were talking about.

Suddenly the door open and I fell over in the direction of were the door used to be.

I landed on the beautiful boys foot,and he stared down curiosly at me,but with stress still noticible in his eyes and face.

I stared up at him and all the other boys in horror as they picked me up and sat me on the edge of the bed were they started to ask me questions.
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/19/08
Chapter 18-So I'm a pirate!?

I rubbed my eyes as the minutes passed into hours and the questions were open minded and assohiated togeather on why I couldn't remember who I was,and had lost my memories.

I was begining to feel sleepy and started to doze off while sitting upward.

I felt someones hands wrap around my waist and pull me towards them.

I was to tired to care who it was,or what they were thinking.

I had just wokin up from almost dieing a few hours ago.Give me a break and let me sleep over here!

I breathed in the persons sent that intoxicated me and seemed to comfort me till I fell asleep in the persons arms.

The smell was almost like poison that intoxicated you and slowly relaxed your muscles and nocked you out.

The room fell silent and was soon filled with the soft sound of my breathing.

I wasn't fully asleep I could still hear all around me but felt like I was asleep.

"Do you think she's lieing?"Whispered a voice

"I don't think so,she seemed to be telling the truth..."Said another voice

"But how...?"Whispered someone.

I wasn't lieing I was telling the truth I didn't even know who I was for that matter...

What was my name?

Where was I?

Who were these people?

And...weres my family?

The questions poured through my head as my breathing slowly speeded up.

I felt my body move slightly and my head was placed on a soft material.

Probly a pillow.

The whispering seased but was started again by another question

"Do you think it was because she had...died from the head wound that she got from that guy..."I heard someone growl

"I should have stabbed him until his very last breath"Said a dark and familior voice.

'I...I died!But I was still here!How is that even possible!?'I thought,all sinds of falling asleep gone.

'I probly shouldn't get up,then the won't talk about what happened...'I thought to myself.

"Don't be stupid Scars.We wouldn't have made it out their alive-" He stopped himself and corrected himself "SHE wouldn't have made it out their alive.We wouldn't have gotten enough time to help stop the bleeding to her head wound.She would have lost to much blood"

I heard another growl

Blood loss?

Their was a long silence "Cap'in"A voice inturupted the silence "What are we going to do now?"


"I mean...Do you really want her as a pirate on this ship still?" PIRATE!?I...I was a pirate!?

I hissed at the thought and the room seemed to gasp.

They must have thought I was the weirdest "sleeper" ever...

"Do you really think its safe to keep her on this ship?"The silence must have lasted minuted this time and I was begining to regain my sleepyness.

"Cap'in?"The voice startled me because I wasn't used to noise at the moment.Since it was so quiet before it had startled me.

"Your right"The voice sighed

"We' be settin' sails for ye' town..."The voice sounded to sad.

It made me frown.

"Well, get to ye' stations!"The voice yelled and I heard all the voices mutter as they left the room and silence enter the room once again.

But I wasn't alone.At least I thought I wasn't alone...

I heard breathing,Mine and..someone else's?

"Alice"Whispered the person,his voice echoing my ears.

Was I this Alice?

It seemed like a nice name.And seemed to fit me.Though I had no idea what I looked like...Or were I came from...

"Why did you have to forget...?"He whispered in my ear.

I almost yearned to touch him and tell him I was sorry,though I had no idea who this un-known voice belonged too.

But it made me sad to hear such a voice that seemed so strong while he was ordering though other...pirates around sound so sad,and in pain now.

Could he just be trying to be strong?

I guess I knew this person,but just didn't remember him.

I feel so guilty for causing someone pain.Even if its someone I don't remember...but know.

Was that the type of person I was...or am?

Alice does seem to be a good name then...

I smiled at that thought and slowly drifted into unconciuosness.

I hope I remember one day...

Thats what these pirats are feeling right now.Aspecially the one that lost their hearts to someone in the first place,and aren't remembered...
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/19/08
Chapter 19-Close friends name...

I woke up to be somehow sad when I found that I was alone.

Why did that matter?

What would that sort feeling be called?

The pillow that was next to me,didn't have a persons head on it.

And on the bed their was no body.

Why was that?

I got up from the bed were I had slept and tiptoed to the door out of the room.

Were would I find myself when I opened this door?

Curiosity overwelmed me as I twisted the door nob and heard the door click,and slowly squeak open.

I saw all eyes on me.

I looked around slowly and found myself not able to walk one step out of the door.

Was I scared?

I finally stepped out to find that all the boys/Pirates faces looked shocked.

Was it strange for me to walk out of this room?

I continued walking forward until I found myself face to face with a boy that had curly chocolate brown hair,and that looked a few years younger than me.

My heart skipped a beat and I grimaced at the thought of someone so younge on this ship.

As a pirate?

I growled at the thought

I seemed to know this boy...I thought that anyway.

Without meaning to say,or even do anything for that matter I snapped in the direction of the boat wheel were the beautiful boy from yesturday stood.

Looking down at me.

I walked up the small steps that led to the place and pointed at him

"How can you let someone so younge be a pirate"I growled

He looked shock for a second,but slowly smiled lightly at me.

the smile turned into a smirk and the creases on his forhead dissipeared for a second.

"Well it doesn't really matter right,I mean look at how old we are."He continued to smirk at my scowling

I growled at how cocky he acted

"Shut up,its not right to make children like alto become pirates"My eyes widened.

"Alto..-kun?"I murmured to myself,and turned to the boy

"Is that your name?"I asked

He nodded sheepishly,and shocked.

How did I remember that?
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F / Northern California
Posted 10/21/08

I hope she remembers every thing in one day! maybe she could fall and hit her head again!!
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/21/08

kyahikaru wrote:

I hope she remembers every thing in one day! maybe she could fall and hit her head again!!

lol!!thiers a thought XD
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24 / F / Your Imagination...
Posted 10/22/08
this story is really really good! it is kinda sad that she has amnesia.(and for Scar) i hope she can remember everything!
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/22/08

specialbunny11 wrote:

this story is really really good! it is kinda sad that she has amnesia.(and for Scar) i hope she can remember everything!

ty!!And yeah I'm trying to come up with a good idea for her to get her memories back so that it won't sound stupid,Plus I wanna try and make it romantic so I've gotta think hard!! (for Alice,and Scars sake as well lol)
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/22/08
Chapter 20-Bits and peices of memories

'Why did I remember this boys...Er Alto's name?'My thoughts wandered as I felt deep stares bour into my back.

I flushed quickly and turned back to the captain.

"S-So don't think you can make kids all of a sudden join PIRATE ships!!"I growled as I tried to pretend that I hadn't said anything.

They noticed "How did ye' remember the' boys name?"Asked a pirate as he walked towards me.

I stepped back "I...Don't know" I confessed.

Sounds of "awe's" echoed the ship as they continued to stare at me confussed face.

"Cap'in"A voice inturupted the silenc,I glanced up and saw a boy pointing in a direction of land

"Land hhoo"Voices began to chorus as they went to their stations forgetting about me.

Or at least I thought that until I saw Alto,and the captain staring at me.Each with different meaning in their eyes.

The younger boy had a face of surprise and hope,were the captain that I had yelled at looked sad,and had a greiving look on his face.

The captain turned away quickly once he had noticed my staring.

"Um...Miss"A voice said from beside me.

I turned around and saw Alto their

"Cap'in wanted me to help me gather your things"He said as his tanned skin began to become flushed.

I grimaced "Why are YOU apart of this ship?"I growled

He hesitated "Well,I always wanted to leave were I lived.And joining a pirate ship was one of my idea's for leaving"He smiled

I couldn't help but feel that I wanted to reach out and touch his face but stopped myself once I had reached half way.

What was this feeling?



I didn't know,but I tried to not trip over m own feet as the small boy led me to the room that I had came out of before.

And as I reached the door I snapped out of my thoughts to ask him a new question

"Why do I have to pack my things?"I asked,though I already knew.

They had descused it last night,while I played "nocked out cold"

But I had to ask him this or the pirates would find it suspiciuse that I wasn't curiouse about the whole ordeal.

After all,I seemed to be the curiouse type.Or at least that is what I thought,since I felt this overpowering feeling of curiosity of the unknown.

Though I could be wrong.

"Cap'in and the crew thought it'd be good if ye' went back to ye' home"He murmured as he pushed me into the room before I could say another word.

This place was were I lived?

I rushed towards the window that was in the room,and looked out to see a beutiful town.

But when I looked looked...brokin down!?

Images flashed to my head,images of people running screaming,and my sudden deep breaths as I felt heat...anger? Scoorch through my body.

As the image continued I saw bodys lieing around.Dead.And saw a!

Standing their,swinging his sword at more innocent lives.

I rushed towards the person,and the image...or memory ended.

My memory?


But I didn't like it.It made my heart skip a beat,and the room hard to breath.

And most of all the smell of smoke that made my throught ack,and the screaming of innocent people.

Was my past scary?

I didn't feel any fear in that memory,just anger.

And as I watched it I was scared but when it was ACTUALLY happening.Their were NO signs of fear...

As I wondered these questions the town grew bigger,and bigger and finally we reached their.

Voices ecohed the whole ship and into my ears,as I slowly relised something.

Would I be seporating from these people...these...pirates?

Why did it matter wheather I left them or not.

I didn't even know if they had something to do with me "dieing" or "almost dieing" Or whatever!

But in knew somewhere in my heart that I knew the truth.

And that they had nothing to do with it.

It was me.

Stupid me.

Why did this seem so familior?

These thoughts...?

Its like dagavu

Anyway.Pirates just kill,and hurt,and steal.

Theirs nothing good about them!


My stomach twisted in summer solts as thoughts set themselves into my mind.

My thoughts were inturupted by the sudden knock on my door.

"Al- I mean Miss..."Alto corrected himselfas he walked into the room,and closed the door behind him.

"Ah!What is it...Alto-kun?"He flushed at the sound of my voice as I said his name.

It had a nice ring when it bounced of my tounge as I said it.

"We..Er...reached port"He looked at the floor,the blush on his cheeks becoming more visable.

Another strong erdge to reach out and touch,or even hug the boy passed through me at the sight of his embarresment and the thought of leaving the younge boy...the younge pirate.In the hands of the ass captain on deck

I didn't get a chance to ignore the feeling and hugged him.

His body tenced but relaxed as my hands tied themselves around his shoulders.

I was shocked with myself.

Why did I feel so happy all of a sudden?

That happiness vanished instantly when the door to the room opened and I found the captain standing their.

Eyes wide,and trying to understand what exactly was going on.

His face hardened into a terrifieing mask of anger.

He rushed towards Alto and grabbed him by the ruff of his shirt and threw him against the wall.

Somehow my hands had automaticly unwinded themselves around the boy just as I relsed their was someone their.

Alto stood their,his face terrified.Captains in rage.


Memories come as fast as jelousy ranges.
Dreams disapear as fast as pain is conflicted.
New dreams are created in the happiest of times.
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F / Northern California
Posted 10/22/08
Wow! That was short but awesome chapter! I have a reckon' that the next chapter she'll get her memory back!
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/23/08

kyahikaru wrote:

Wow! That was short but awesome chapter! I have a reckon' that the next chapter she'll get her memory back!

lol maybe,maybe not >:3 haha
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F / Northern California
Posted 10/23/08

sgurlrox67 wrote:

kyahikaru wrote:

Wow! That was short but awesome chapter! I have a reckon' that the next chapter she'll get her memory back!

lol maybe,maybe not >:3 haha

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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/26/08

kyahikaru wrote:

sgurlrox67 wrote:

kyahikaru wrote:

Wow! That was short but awesome chapter! I have a reckon' that the next chapter she'll get her memory back!

lol maybe,maybe not >:3 haha


don't get upset!!!I'm sry!! lol But yeah I want her to remember soon so probly soon she will
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F / In the middle of...
Posted 10/27/08
Chapter 21-Questions

I ran towards the beautiful captain and sarted to tug his shirt weakly,trying to stop him from injuring the poor boy.Or worse.

"Stop!"I cried

He ignored me and continued to crush the boys throught

"Stop it,dammit Scar!!"I yelled.

My voice echoed the room,and probly the whole ship since pirates started to file into the ship

I slowly lt go of the captains arm and taped my finger tips to my lips

"I did it again"I whispered in total shock.

Scars let go of Alto's shirt/throught and wound his arms around my body.

"Do you remember?"He whispered

Remember?My memories?

No I didn't

I wished I did.

I struggled against his hold,my cheeks flaring.

"No!Let go"I growled as I fought against his grip.

His arms slipped down my body slowly.His bangs covering his eyes.

"Course' you don't"He whispered to himself as he limped towards the door with the other pirates behind him looking shocked as they looked at me and back at him.

Why did I keep doing that?

Hurting others?

Hurting people?

Not remebering...

'Then again it did just save Alto's life'My thoughts wandered as I looked over at Alto who was slumped against a dresser.

He looked pale

And just as shocked as the other pirates as he looked over at me.

He blinked finally and jumped upand whipped his clothes which had dirt on them from the floor.

He didn't look back at me as he ran up the two small steps towards the deck.
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