I'm confuesed
Posted 10/19/08
Okay so here is the story
I have been friends with this girl for like all of my high school life, we have been like best friends for all of high school and we both respect each other values and one of mine happen to not have sex before marriage. One day we were hanging out in my room playing some video games I was going easy on her letting her beat me in Tekken a couple of times. Suddenly she pushes me down and starts kissing me. I was dumb founded on what to do because I never thought she liked me this way. Suddenly she started reaching for my pants I immediately told her to stop and reminded her about my value of not having Sex Before Marriage. I showed her my purity ring and asked to respect my values. She suddenly looks at me that I'm some pussy she then rips off my ring and throws it across the room. She then tells me to be a man and have fun. I freak out at her for the first time in my life and called her a lot of names I regret saying before she left she said "You have a choice me or your values" as she walked out of my room and walked home.

Now I'm stuck between my values or my best friend what should I do?
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28 / M / Frozen over momo...
Posted 10/19/08
Fuck her titties!
You'll feel like a man and stay a pussy!
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Ecuadorian Roast Pot
Posted 10/19/08 , edited 10/19/08

Your friend..is strange. she should respect your value w/e ._.
your story sounds partially scary >.>
Posted 10/19/08
Please use the general help thread

A person who can't respect others is not a person you should stay with. A person who don't know what is appropriate and what is not appropriate is considered poorly educated.

If your girl has these problems, then you should forget about her.

~ Locked
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