Favorite Anime Moment/Scene
Posted 4/21/07
mine was the death of Zabuza in Naruto long time ago lol
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Posted 4/21/07
when saber died under a tree
when asa and rin almost kissed
when shohoku won against ryonan
when dokuro-chan and sakura were playing spirit of the coin
very ending of shakugan no shana
when keroro remembered when his father caught him looking at his porno mags
very end of REC
every ending of mushishi is awesome~
and many many more!
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Posted 4/21/07
when kaede dropped the razor in rin's face.. lol

when seiji became midori's hand..

when hideki first operated chi..

the very end of rec^^ too

when keitaro is about to give naru the ring..

and many more.. ^_^
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Posted 4/21/07
Basically the same thing.

Shivers-down-your-spine scenes

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