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Most Evil Anime Character
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27 / M / s'pore
Posted 10/24/08

BattleDMG wrote:

ll-Shota-ll wrote:

Well, why create threads out for no reasons then? afterall, it not only wastes the mod's time to having to clear away the thread,have your CR points minused and also for people to point them out.

If you're bored you can always indulge in mangas from websites such as or mangafox. If mangas is not your cup of tea then how about animes? or perhapes even videos from youtube?

WGAF. If a mod cares he'll tell him, or lock the thread. Quit your whining!

I'm only giving him advice. nothing more. If he like curing boredom out of other people's miserys (the mods) then i can only wish that he could hurry get a new thing to replace creating similar threads.

And, i'm not whinning.

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24 / M / Over there ------->
Posted 10/24/08

devilish_angel0117 wrote:

faithkiller wrote:



hey who change my title

besaya ka man dudung?


rules with qouting me
1. never use tagalog or any version of this
2. copy paste is never allowed type till you bleed
3. copy paste is never allowed type till you bleed
4. i didnt copy past rule 3
5. if flamed always be prepared with a loli army and and moe amulet
6. if rule 5 is satisfied, i shall not burn you severly
8. thay are not Gay, they are GAR
9. no request is required until it is required to require a request to request a required request
10. thy shall be no moe'r then Mikuru
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27 / F / Davao City , Phil...
Posted 10/24/08

Light Yagami
Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08

ll-Shota-ll wrote:


Faith, please check before attempting to create a new thread.


Duplicate as reported

The title of thread doesn't make a thread duplicated

~ Locked
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