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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
hey ppl i'm Rena 5th dragon of the 12 guardians of souls (if you can figure out what the 12 stands for you can be 1 of the twelve)xD
anyways i'm toshiro hitugaya girlfriend (back the F*** off hes mine bi*** XD)
here we will live as a soul reaper and have fun here's the format of making a ppl

There needs to be characters for the Guardian Chairs too~~

Here's a format to make a character for the roleplay~


speices:(hollow,soul reaper,vizard




Grade: (guardian, division? high school?)








Crush?: (if your character has one.)

fav icon:

EXAMPLE>>>>>with mine

Name: Rena Raruda

speices:speacial soul reaper

family:the head of the Faruda clan

Age: lol

Gender: female

Grade: guardian dragon of the twelve ??????



Personality:has a dragons knowledge and is very hot headed

Guardian Characters: (only up to four and no more. Describe how your character looks or put in a picture.)

zampacuto: dragon goddess (look in pic)

Shikai:rozen fang

Bankai:dragons golden grasp

Background:ever since birth Rena has been a guardian of souls witch you have to be born with to be has the dragon curse of her side with the power to control the seasons and time she is very powerful meeting toshiro and momo when she was 5 at the Faruda shrine of the dragon near toshiros grandmothers house they became good friends and now Rena is toshiros girlfriend but does not often see each other because of several reasons but anytime they can they get together.

Crush?: toshiros girlfriend

fav icon:
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Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/1/08
Name: Lawl Shinsou

Speices: Vizard

Family: Assasinated By Faruda Clan Enemy Ninjas For Reasons Unknown

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grade: Not In School Or Anything, Just A Wonderer

Appearance: Hair Like Gins But Longer Fringe And Spikey At Back And Dark Brown, Wears Casual Clothes Normaly Combats And Black Jacket If Not Then No Shirt May Have Head Phones On lol

Height: 6'

Personality: Two personalitys; One Kind And Friendly But Serious When Needed,The Other Rather Dark And Murderous

Zampacuto: Called Zatori, To Activate Says "Cut The Heavens, Zatori"

Shikai: Use: Harness The Power Of Wind To Cut Or What Not

Bankai: Has Not used Just Yet

Background:At The age of 3 had his Entire Family Killed By The Enemys Of Faruda Clan And Was An Unknown Surviver He Left To Ichamaru Family And Joined Them As An Unknown Shinagami But Got Mixed With Urahara And Got Given The Power Of Vizards And Has Been Absent Ever Since

Crush?: N/A

Fav icon: None lol
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