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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
2008-10-19 MORE UFO Replies!

Fan: Changmin oppa, are you tired? Please give me a reply! If you don't I'll be mad!
Changmin: So tired~ I'll go sleep now then! Hahaha ^^

Fan: I received Jaejoong oppa's reply, and I'm really happy~ Right now I'm 얼씨구절씨구!
Jaejoong: 얼씨구절씨구!
(얼씨구절씨구! is a sound you make when you're really happy~)

Fan: Ah~ Jaejoong oppa, I love you~
Jaejoong: Ah, I love you too~ ^^

Fan: Jaejoong oppa, while you were waiting for other Cassiopeia's, weren't you waiting for me too? Please wait for me too!
Jaejoong: All Cassiopeia's are same! There's no difference to me! Let's wait for everyone together~ @@

Fan: Ah, T_T I'm really tired. Every time I get a text message my heart beats really fast. T_T Really T__T My tears are going to come out. T_T
Yunho: It's like that you need to be so nervous? ^___^ No matter what, you've got a reply now!

Fan: Oppa...gain some weight. T_____T I'm worried to death...Don't hurt anymore...! Steal Changmin oppa's food to eat, gain some weight!
(But she didn't get Yoochun's reply, instead...!)

Changmin: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
^ what? this is like the FIRST HEART sign reply he has made...xD

Fan: I couldn't watch Music Bank's first broadcast because we went to eat potato soup! Sorry! (I think it's potato soup, lol :X it's tudou soup, so yeah!)
Changmin: It's really yummy! Keke~

Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums (
Source: OhMicky + Mr. TVXQ
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Posted 10/24/08
hi..can anyone tell me wat exactly UFO is ....?m confused
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Posted 10/26/08
ahhhh... neomu gieoptaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! i loves dongbang boys.. ekekeke!
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Posted 12/30/08

ang3lgurl wrote:

hi..can anyone tell me wat exactly UFO is ....?m confused

when u have an account at UFO, you can send msgs to your fav. singers..(not just dbsk, i think)..and then you'll get a reply...from them of course..)

i don't really know how it goes, but i'm pretty sure of what i said...^^
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