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The superlative game
Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/26/08
First up, for those who may not know what 'superlative' means, listen the fuck up.

Superlative is basically the utmost of an adjective. They are recognized by the ending '-est' or the modifier 'most.' Examples include funniest, biggest, most disgusting, best, worst, most embarrassing, etc. Get the idea, yo?

So, the game:

Basically, you ask a question involving a superlative, and the next poster answers it and asks a new question. And so on and so forth. Everybody clear? Okay, then let's begin.

Here is the first question to get things started:

What is the worst injury you've ever witnessed in your life?
Posted 10/27/08
when i saw my head bleed..

what was the best book u have ever read..?
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25 / F / Coffee shops, Tea...
Posted 10/27/08
coelho's like a flowing river...

who is the hottest creature you have met?
Posted 10/27/08

where do u most of the time hang out..?
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M / Someplace
Posted 10/27/08
at home

what is the most disgusting food in your opinion?
Posted 10/27/08

Favourite Pastime.
Posted 10/27/08

most disliked color..?
Posted 11/10/08 , edited 11/10/08
Yellow. Dunno why either.

And yes, I am well aware my avatar has yellow in it. I just don't like it large amounts.

Who is the most insane person you have ever met?
Posted 11/10/08
My friend.

Most preferred weather?
Posted 11/11/08

worst subject..
Posted 11/11/08

favorite artist
Posted 11/11/08
manga: Range Murata/ paint: Salvador Dali

Grossest thing you've ever eaten.
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F / Neverland
Posted 11/11/08 , edited 11/11/08
squid salad

Whats the hairiest thing you've ever seen?
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40 / F / Missouri
Posted 11/11/08
A man.

At what age were you happiest, so far?
Posted 11/11/08
that's a good question.. when i got a new pc..

best anime..
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