Should I leave CR???
Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/26/08
Umm,... i gues it;s self explanitory and umm..... it;s really only for the people who knows me either as Lover_95 or animegoddess333... umm,... if ur not u can still vote~ XD
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26 / M / Lost within anoth...
Posted 10/26/08
Don't go! D: I'll miss you my Imouto-chan! Wait.... >.> I have your MSN. @[email protected]
Posted 10/26/08

Lover_95 wrote:

ummm,... the poll is self explanitory..... i think

OP,not all people here on CR knows you.
But if you're just posting retarded and useless
threads like this then you should leave~
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Posted 10/26/08
Eh? No personal threads ...

-- reported
Posted 10/26/08
No Personal Thread.

You are the person who makes the decision not us

~ Locked
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