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26 / F / europeee!!!
Posted 10/27/08
So people can tell their dreams here anytime, limitless, etc.

@feel free to right anything as long as its your own
@no discrimination of dreams here (kechi! >_<)
@enjoy reading the dreams
@most dreams are weird which makes it more interesting and some are difficult to understand but we still like it and most dreams are funny which is i always had those dreams! lol

anyways________ fill this up for us to know about other details!
date were you had that dream:
any comments about it:
do you like it or not:
does it came to reality:
(does it came true)
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26 / F / europeee!!!
Posted 10/27/08
title: Consciousness
date were you had that dream: 15 september 08
any comments about it: it was when i was sleeping i had the part 1 of that dream then i woke up, back to sleep and then had the part 2 lols strange huh?
do you like it or not: i like it and at the same time i dont-its strange and i dont know what it meant in real life
does it came to reality: so far, not yet! lols hope its not me

@An impaired guy, no feet, goes to school everyday using a roller skates. (unlucky person)

Think about a school with stairs-like marble(slippery) and is a 4 stories building which your class is held at the very top of the building. (obstacles in life)

stares of the student (discrimination)

pity of teachers (handicap)

bullies (given in life)

He has to go their everyday. (unable to run away from a cruel life)

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27 / M / sOmE WhErE iN My...
Posted 10/27/08
Pay Back

Imagine waking up in your bed, looking around seeing everything their, but you weren’t actual awake...
When you know something’s bad is going to happen...well it did to me when i was 11....
the dream consisted of me and my 2 brothers were sleeping (we shared a big room)
and I awoke looking around the room (now it was pitch black, you could hardly make out anything) anyway the door to our room opened and we saw a dark blue night light in the shape of a smerf floating in the door (remember those little blue guys)
well we looked at it for awhile than a clowns laughter began and the light charged me...I woke up...this continued for at least a month ..happening like once a week...anyway our room was moved around one day before I went to sleep that night (it was just reorganizing our stuff) and i had the same dream looking like the room it was just changed into, except that i had a snare drum next to my bed....(i don’t like drums)
The door opened again, me having nothing to loss grabbed the drums charged the figure smashing the drums into the dark figure. I turned on the lights seeing the clown.. it sort of looked like “It” off of Stephen King's It…anyway I grabbed him dragging him towards the bathroom (while he was laughing) which was across of our room, opining the toilet seat I dunk his head in their given him a swirly XD…when I woke up I started laughing, just randomly….i never had that nightmare again….
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