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racism.... is it in you?????????
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27 / M / s'pore
Posted 10/28/08

Kippu wrote:

ll-Shota-ll wrote:

Indeed, a thread similar to this is already created.



are you racist

Well, both threads are rather similar anyway. worry not.
Posted 10/28/08
I refuse to have sex with white people.
To be denied the opportunity to have sex with me is the worst hate crime of all.
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25 / F / kroY weN
Posted 10/28/08
ahh.. i really try my hardest not to be racist..
i dont think thats possible
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25 / F / NYC
Posted 10/28/08
lmao i love racist jokes, especially about my own race but im not racist. i get pissed off when someone seriously talks shit about someone's race.
Posted 10/28/08

Nyarth wrote:

whatsome wrote:

I laughed after reading the comments about this weeabo on Youtube.

"such a kawaii morning."
<-- oh hell no.

^ You mean that?


I don't know if he/she is faking it though.

That person already has like 10 videos with the same weeabo comments he/she getting from people.
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31 / M / Japan
Posted 10/28/08 , edited 10/28/08

You don't need to think... this thread exists... look at what others have said.

~ Locked
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