Gospel pumpkin message
Posted 10/28/08 , edited 10/28/08
i forget who invented this idea about 12 or 15 years ago, but here's the general idea.

u take two pumpkins and do the following;

#1 pumpkin - make it like a regular pumpkin and cut the top open like a removable cap, and do it in the shape of a heart cut-out, then make a 'happy face' on the front, and scoop all the seeds and pulp out, and set it up to take a candle.

#2 pumpkin - do not cut the top into a removable cap, do not remove the seeds or pulp, and work from the front to give it an 'unhappy face', with no candle.

on halloween, put both out side by side on the front porch, and light the candle in the 'happy' #1 pumpkin and leave the other 'unhappy' #2 pumpkin dark.

when kids come to the door, you give them a Gospel message as follows;

(maybe tell them first what to expect, by saying that if they don't mind, you're going to give them a very brief message and it won't take long at all, and then they'll get their treats).

the 'happy pumpkin' opened its heart to Jesus Christ (demonstrate by lifting the heart-shaped top momentarily), and received the light of Christ, and has the Holy Spirit indwelling, and has had all the sins of its seeds and pulp removed by God, and is a very happy saved pumpkin.

the 'unhappy pumpkin' has refused to accept Jesus Christ, and remains dark and full of the seeds and pulp of sin.

so that's what happens when you accept Jesus and get saved.

then you could say "isn't that nice?" or "how about that?" and "Jesus is real and He loves you whether you know it or not", or something like that, and then give them their treats.
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Posted 10/28/08 , edited 10/28/08
NIce message
Posted 10/28/08
How about i kick over the lit pumpkin and stomp on it?
No one needs religion shoved down their throat along with candy.
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Posted 10/28/08
Or how about making normal pumpkins and giving treats to kids the normal way like a normal human being...lol
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Posted 10/28/08
I consider this a religious thread. We don't allow those anymore.

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