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influence of drama
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Posted 10/30/08
ha.. yeah i agree i think i may have started to develop insomnia..its just sooo addicting...i can't help it!
Posted 10/30/08
yea same here cant sleep at night either...dramas are so mesmerizing
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Posted 10/30/08
started getting really curious about asian culture....suddenly started paying closer attention to asian guys (doing this freakish trying to guess what language they are speaking when talking to each other...)
screaming BAKA at my brothers...
Cant stop saying aiigoo when frustrated
when i see something cute i scream "kawaiii" or "ha ka i yo" (not sure if i spelt that rite)
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Posted 10/30/08 , edited 10/30/08
a lot but one thing is evident...

I started to blurt out japanese, korean ad even chinese words out of the blue...


it comes so natural at times...(usually if I'm pissed off)

and I started to appreciate Korean cars ..because I thought before..Korean cars are "disposable" ~~~
I mean of unsatisfactory quality...hehehehe
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M / Florida, USA
Posted 10/30/08
i say yare yare from time to time...

im more opened to other culture rather than specific ones, when i was younger i thought chinese was a hard language to understand but now i understand that you can easily learn it if you put time into it

found out my stamina limit from watching hours and hours of episodes... lol
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Posted 10/31/08
after watching a drama, i dream about it.. haha..

about the words, its true.. the expressions i hear, i also say them.. like.. 'aigoo', 'aiyo' 'baka!', etc..

i like to learn about different asian cultures, and i see how colorful they are..!
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08
words, hand gestures, facial expressions. and of course the influence of the writers to me is that they made me come up with my own story.^^,

sometimes, when i am so angry, i was like shouting korean words. same when i got hurt or embarrased. and when i am saying bye bye to my friends, i have my own way before but now, i was like "ja~ne" and out of nowhere i will just laugh.

im going crazy.^^,
Posted 11/18/08

Kippu wrote:


Do asian celebrity influence your looks and fashion?
Can dramas/animes influence your views on the world?

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