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5 things that you want to change about yourself?
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20 / M / Michigan
Posted 9/14/13 , edited 9/14/13
1. I'd love to be less shy, and just completely comfortable in any situation, as it has held me back too many times
2. I want to lose weight, it's a major factor to my uncomfortableness in public
3. I wish I was better at art, I discovered this passion early, but somewhere in the middle school trumped it, and now I'm getting really into it again, but I stink
4. I wish I had a deeper voice, I sound like a girl, and it's unattractive
5. I wish I had perfect hair all the time. I have nice hair when I fix it up, but it always just ends up flat by the end of the day, and if I put hairgel in it or pomme or whatever, it just looks like a greasy mess.

1. I'll push myself, and I have been pushing myself, TALENT SHOW LEZGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
2. Yesterday I went to the doctor, and that's always eye opening, I'm changing my portions which is my major problem.
3. I try to practice as much as possible
4. welp
5. welp, maybe look into some hair products. but they too much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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20 / F / Punville, USA
Posted 9/14/13
I do want longer hair
Clearer skin
I want to actually retain what I study
My accent that hardly anyone can understand
(Nothing else that's all)
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I am anywhere.
Posted 9/14/13
1. More Artistic
2. More Athletic
3. Be more likeable
4. Have a better judgement
5. Having a way to get more money, legally
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31 / M
Posted 9/14/13

janessa77 wrote:

1. Longer hair
2. Wish i could change how much i procrastinate
3. Had more money

Hey if you like to procrastinate why not just procrastinate a WHOLE LOT at getting a hair cut. You'd have a few more bucks and longer hair and some of these problems would just solve themselves.
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27 / F / Far away from Japan
Posted 9/15/13
1. Be more active
2. Speak more in public
3. Participate in activities
4. Be more real
5. Make new friends out in the real world (I always been an insider in my house)
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27 / F / New Jersey, USA
Posted 9/15/13
1. Have better self esteem and take better care of myself mentally/emotionally.
2. Get active by socializing more and taking care of myself...physically
3. Create more realistic goal for the near future.
4. Get a job because I'm sick of being a broke ass loser.
5. Lose my hypocrisy.
Posted 9/15/13
better hair
better skin
not so tall 5'10 to 5'6
Posted 9/15/13
1. Be more brave
2. Procrastinate less
3. More money

done, money solves 80% of my problems
for the 10%, which is looks, can't do sh*t about that, you gotta get a re-roll for that.

1. Therapy
2. Meditation
3. Luck
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24 / F / you will never know
Posted 9/16/13
1-my internet usage
2-financial situation
3-my phone
4-my hair
5- dunno
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24 / M / California
Posted 10/30/13
1. Taller I guess
2. A girlfriend to cuddle with and co-op on Xbox
3. Being smart at math
4. Having a bit more money (so I could stress less about school)
5. Have a long causal conversation with my first crush, cause I still like how she makes me feel

lol I could do any of these, maybe not number one but two thru five.
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Posted 10/31/13
1.) My weight/muscle gain...I'm extremely small and lanky for my age.
2.) I wish I had more self confidence
3.) I wish I had more drive to get things done/stop procrastinating
4.) I wish I was a better significant other and was better at reading cues/emotions of my gf
5.) I wish I had more ambition to go out and get the things I want in life rather than being so shy all the time.
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19 / M / Location
Posted 10/31/13 , edited 10/31/13
1.) Get rid of this accursed ADHD
2.) Make my hair stay straight and stop being an ass
3.) Slow the rate at which my fingernails grow
4.) Procrastinate less
5.) Have higher self-esteem

Could probably list more if I wanted...
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22 / F / Balmer, Murlin
Posted 10/31/13
1) Have more confidence
2) Be less self-conscious
3) Improve my speaking skills
4) Be more outgoing
5) Be more content with myself

Most of these things are almost the same...
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23 / M
Posted 10/31/13
1. Build up some muscle.
2. Grow a wizard's beard. I can grow a thick, luxurious beard. It just isn't as long as a wizard's.
3. Fall in love.
4. Stop being so laid-back and apathetic.
5. Learn archery.
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22 / M / Birmingham
Posted 10/31/13
Stop drinking so much, one u pop u can't stop!
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