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5 things that you want to change about yourself?
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27 / M / NYC
Posted 5/8/14
1. become happy with myself.
im not necessarily unhappy with myself per say, but i find that most of my life i've done things to make other people happy. that has left me feeling like i've made foolish sacrifices that make it hard for me to happy when im alone.
2. figure out what i want to do with my life
im 24 years old and dropped out of college. i would like to figure shit out for my future so i can set a plan and start working towards it. right now i feel like my life is stagnant
3. start working out again
working out is a great way to relieve stress and get yourself in a better mood. i also miss the compliments i got when i had a more athletic build
4. force myself to actually finish something
i start a lot of different things and never finish them (series, books, music composition, school, etc.)
5. articulate myself better
im a pretty social person, but i find that the manner in which i say things can sometimes be misinterpreted. sometimes i may come off as an asshole if im being too blunt and other times i come across as a push over
Posted 5/9/14
1. Better work ethic.
2. Be more positive.
3. Eat healthier.
4. More approachable/friendly.
5. Fitter.
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26 / M / Seattle, WA, USA
Posted 5/9/14
Five is not enough. I would need along the lines of twenty, lol.
Posted 5/10/14 , edited 5/10/14
- work harder
- work harder
- become the best
- eat more frequently
- make better long term plans
Posted 5/10/14
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26 / M / Los Angeles / Hun...
Posted 5/10/14
1. Start being responsible
2. stop being a pessimist
3. stay away from drugs
4. stop depending on others
5. stop being quite
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24 / M / Australia
Posted 5/10/14 , edited 5/10/14
1. Be happy. (I'm hardly ever really happy because of the many insecurities I have.)
2. Be more confident in myself. (I have absolutely no confidence,)
3. Fix my social anxiety. (It's really hard for me to talk to new people, or even do certain things in public. I get big anxiety.)
4. Find a job. (Haven't had any success in landing a job. Feels like no one wants me...)
5. Be more physically fit. (I have not exercised a single bit ever since high school. 4 years ago..)

I'm pretty much a big downer lol.
Posted 5/10/14
1. Being more trusting of others.
2. Stop Procrastinating
3. Not be afraid of failure
4. Love myself
5. Learn when to let go.
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M / Pennsylvania
Posted 5/10/14
1. eye color (I want green eyes)
2. being nice always (result: being treated like jdhskdh)
3. Easy to trust
4. ?
5. ?
Posted 5/29/14
Gosh this is like a super sensitive subject for girls.. -sniff sniff-
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34 / M / outer wall, level...
Posted 5/29/14 , edited 5/29/14
1. live in a video game. (AG# )
2. live in an anime.
3. start a harem.
4. fly me to the moon.
5. let me play among the stars.

6. meet dejah thoris!
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25 / F / Virginia, US
Posted 5/29/14 , edited 5/29/14
1. Be able to forgive
I hold grudges when it comes to being hurt. I don't act on the grudges but they sit and fester in my head until I'm bitter and quick to anger. I ordered a book online that is all about the mental process of forgiveness. Hopefully it will help.
2. Have more willpower
I am in no freaking way a Green Lantern. When it comes to indulgences I slip so fast. I'm not exactly sure how to develop more willpower besides exerting it. Then, over time, it becomes second nature and you gain more.
3. Make friends (especially girl friends)
I have some social anxiety and trouble making friends. I'm a commuter for college which means I'm not around students much longer than class and lunch. I don't meet many people and when I do I freeze up. I plan on going to some anime/gaming clubs when school starts again. There is also a gaming Meetup around here I'd like to go to but it makes me nervous. As far as I can tell, it's all guys.
4. Read more
I love reading but I have a hard time picking up a book that isn't in a current series I'm reading or stepping out of the genera I like. I need to be more open when it comes to new books. It's hard though because I don't agree with most reviews haha.
5. Dress to impress
I dress horribly. I wear nothing but t-shirts and jeans. I understand that that is a staple for many people but I LITERALLY don't wear anything else. I'd like to feel pretty and look confident instead of blend in. On the other hand...I'd rather not stand out. I'm not really doing anything about this currently because I don't have the funds to change my wardrobe, but it's something I'd really like to do. Feel like dressing better might even help me make new friends. If you look confident maybe people will talk to you more!
Posted 5/29/14

Ball 1
Ball 3
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16 / M / Merica
Posted 5/29/14
1. lose 60 pounds
2.get a tan
3.get up at any time
4.be smaller (i'm 6ft3in)
5.watch less anime
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33 / M
Posted 6/4/14
I have only one thing that i wanna change for my self and it is being being fit ,in fact i hired now a personal trainer at http://www.foreverclub.fi/ and hope he will be helpful for me on doing weigh loss program for my self.
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