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5 things that you want to change about yourself?
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23 / M / Honnouji academy
Posted 6/4/14

Riesel wrote:


Ball 1
Ball 3

What the .... what ? .... i ... what ?
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22 / F / Australia
Posted 6/4/14
1. I'm 150cm, or 4 ft 11, and I hate it. People always tell me that it's good to be short because you don't have to worry about guys being shorter than you etc. I just feel like people treat me in condescending manner simply because of my height, it makes me look younger and thus people who don't know anything about me, will treat me like so.
2. Looking young. Sure, my mum is 50 and nobody believes her because she looks like she's in her mid 30s, and that will happen to me too but right now, I don't appreciate it. Again, just like my height, a lot of people will treat me in a condescending manner because I look younger than I am (thank you height and "cute" face).
3. Mental health. This one is a personal one, but it's something I've been working on for more years than I can remember. It's a long, slow, painful process but I'm getting through it.
4. Bitterness. I want to be able to let go of all the things and people who have hurt me, let go of all the attached bitterness, anger, mistrust and extra baggage.
5. I want to not want to change myself. Some things I want to change are for the better, are justified, yet sometimes I find myself wanting to change the most irrational, extreme things. I want to learn to accept myself for who I am.
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Among the Blank P...
Posted 6/4/14
1. Stop being up at this hour (It's 1 almost 2 AM)

2. To stop freaking procrastinating!

3. Go through with all my story ideas!

4. Stop spending so much!

5 Be good at keeping a conversation
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23 / F / Denmark
Posted 6/5/14
1. To be better at keeping my body healthy (not because I'm unhealthy completely, but I have a very sweet tooth and I'm bad at controlling it At the same time as I'm not good at going out to excercise (?) if it's not at a club or something)

2. Less body hair

3. More hair on my head (a little thicker and longer)

4. To stop being naive

5. To stop procastinating all the time
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32 / M / Central KY.
Posted 6/5/14
#1. - To bundle the fire within; that gumption...Making SURE that by the Year 2021 I am a fully licensed MD; a Practitioner of Psychiatry.

#2. - This has already been accomplished, but getting a Job to allow less "let down time" in My life...As nice as it SO often is...As I've mentioned in several other Threads, I've actually accomplished getting 2 Jobs; One as a Court House secretary, and another at a local Head Shop. Can You think of two totally different Occupations?

#3. - As a GOSH AWFUL Agoraphobic, simply to get out of this ridiculously huge House in which I dwell...ALONE, and simply make an ATTEMPT at being Social, IRL...With Someone...ANYONE!

#4. - Take less for Granted... This is Something that People do, every Day, even unbeknownst to Themselves. However, especially as of lately, I have come to realize just how much I DO abuse the fact that I am able to live what most would call a "Normal" life; THOUGH I have been dealt several "bad hands" in this Life, a Buddy of Mine, Penthos said...

"Dont worry sir, despite how negative I sound right now I'm pretty over it... this life isnt ALL bad."

For real - GO! GO! GO!

And #5. - Adapt to change. I would explain Myself further in what I mean by that Statement, but I am SUUUUUUUPPPERRR-duper tired. Yeah, excuses excuses, right? Hah. I'll just leave My fellow Crunchyrollers with this...When I DO become a Board Certified Psychiatrist, instead of PROVEN INEFFECTIVE, IF NOT DOWNRIGHT DETRIMENTAL Antidepressants and such, I'm just going to refer Patients to this Site.

I dunno about YOU Guys and Gals, but EVERY time that I find Myself on this Website, I'm Smiling. Crunchyroll embodies optimism. Much Love to EVERYONE! <3
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