Global Warming
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Posted 4/23/07
Global warming is no fraud ~

Every year our ice caps are getting smaller and if antarctica melt so much of the world will be under water. Our pollution is the main cause of this, the pollutions gets trapped in our Atmosphere so when the sun radiation comes into earth and trys to bounce of our ice caps and go back to space, it wont be possible
1) Our ice caps melting so soon it will have nothing to reflect but only get abosorbed by the water creating a huge warming
2) all the pollution pushes the rays back to earth making it warmer

I may not have said it "the more accurate way" but i just gave a simple basic demonstration.

For all of you who want to learn more about this you should watch "Inconvient truth"
I felt like saying all this because of Earth Week

Come on people lets protect the earth, not just this week but forever.
*remember -reuse,reduce,recycle*

but most of you people don't care? or do?
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Posted 4/23/07
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Posted 4/23/07
well, most people have two sides, many mixed feelings, feeling that they wish to help the world, but can't because the world is so...massive. or some other reason like.. "theres no hope"

yeah sure, I guess we could find a way around to underground living :D

or have every nation band together, put on some thinking caps...and find an answer..
also, i'm pretty sure everyone knows, yadda yadda, gotta save these animals...oh no save world hunger....oh crud...Guess no one really cares I don't really think too much about it...other than one way to solve world hunger Kill tonnes and tonnes of people and yay less pollution, world is not overcrowded, less demand for food ...but that would be the wrong choice.

Oh well have fun cause i'm high and tired.

EDIT: oh theres already a thread...srry, lock it then
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Posted 4/23/07
We already have this thread

Thanks Eros

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