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If you had the ability to lean the secret of the universe...
Posted 12/31/10
No point of learning it since you cant tell anyone.
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Posted 12/31/10
If I had that ability, then I would go blog it somewhere no one would ever see.
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Posted 12/31/10
Depends on what it is.

Ultimate power? then I doubt i'd have come across it before anyone else has... But if it was id probably flaunt it in bad ways, because lfie has made me that way.

Ultimate knowledge? then I would prolly never let anyone know anything.

that our universe is only the by-product of an ancient alien race science experiment that gave birth to our universe unknowingly to them and everything about our universe and knowledge is a direct reflection of the conditions in which the alien universe makes up and was imprinted into our very atoms and molecules as data?

Im bored.
Posted 12/31/10
Topic need editing.
But i think we would have the ability to.
I think the secrets are already right in front of us
its only the matter of uncovering them
how do we do that?
we evolve human minds wouldnt be able to even comprehend the slightest infromation dealing with physics of that caliber.
were talking about teleportation, light speed travel, trans-dimmensial physic, multiverses, and other otherwordly phenomenon. physics of such would not only dwarf out highest forms of math it radically change our cultures, religion, the way we see ourselves, and how we think we came to be.
In conclusion even if we did have the ability. What would you even do something you wouldnt even be able to understand?
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