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What did you do today?
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28 / F / tennessee
Posted 7/3/12
i went to work
and there is this kid i work with....annoying....i cant stand him....hes crap....
a song by beyonce comes on the radio and hes describing in detail of every part of her body that he likes and actually gets up and says i like it when she dances like this and he dances! ::cringes:: and another song comes on and he says this is a sexual song. i told him to shut up.
later he decides to lift up his shirt and complain about losing weight
i mean really? you dont need to lift up your damn shirt. especially in an animal hospital. no one wants to see that.

later he went out to get lunch. and i have this cup that allows you to get refills for 25 cents and i told him to get me a frozen coke.
he forgot it
and then he wants to go and blame me and say because i was too stuborn to order something to eat that he forgot. i already had food. im sorry i cant afford to buy food from restaurants every single day.
i was ready to punch him in the face.

later a puppy came in that was hit by a car. poor thing. he was covered in fleas and you could see them crawling around. i sprayed the dog with adams flea spray and they all came to the surface. they were everywhere. i hate fleas.

then i came home and im on here ranting about the day....sorry
Posted 7/3/12
woke up, got ready, had ma's friends over, ate, ate, drank schweppe, ate, schweppe, tangled, bratz rock angelz, ninja gaiden, hotmail, stardoll, deviantart, mangafox, crunchyroll, youtube, black butler, crunchyroll.............. mwuahgagaggayguagf
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18 / M / boys locker room
Posted 7/3/12
I've been doing summer homework, which I will be done with by next week. Watched My Little Pony, a real perk of summer is being able to watch it in the morning now that I don't have to go to stupid school. I went to some nearby middle school and did some grading like usual. I drew a little on SAI and was disappoint because the quality was sub-par. Then I fapped furiously to a pic my boyfriend sent me of his cock. Then I did some more homework and started posting here.
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26 / F / New Zealand
Posted 7/3/12
Woke up, had a cuddle, had some breakfast, let the cat out, watched some anime, did some forum posting, made yummy lunch, watched shitty daytime TV, and here we are now.
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21 / F / Balmer, Murlin
Posted 7/3/12
Watched my bro bait the crab line. Didn't help because it was too gross. Then I watched my dog eat one of the chicken necks. We'll see how that plays out... Might have to make a trip to the vet tomorrow...
Posted 7/3/12
Eat, shower, cleaned house a bit, exercised (finally), talked/caught up with a friend, more eating, more talking, check cr forums.. all that's left is to shower and sleep
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Posted 7/3/12
8.00am -wake up
9.00am-watch TV
10.00Am-Watch anime on laptop
12.00Am-(Now) Browsing internet
12.20Noon-Goes to school
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28 / F / tennessee
Posted 7/4/12
i woke up
i DIDNT go to work XD
cleaned the room
played kingdom hearts ii
beat the game
got a new cable box
reset my favorite channels
watched stuff on demand
on the interweb ^_^
Posted 7/4/12
I've basically just listened to music and played around on the forums all day.
No action-packed adventures this time. =/
Posted 7/4/12
Tried to run 2 miles... Big fail lol
watch anime/TV. Study Study Study.
Spend time with Family.
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23 / F / NJ, USA
Posted 7/4/12
- Ate toast with bacon strips, honey ham, cucumbers, and eggs for breakfast.
- Ate rice gruel for lunch.
- Watched the Korean drama The Duo on CR.
- Went on CR, Facebook, and Gmail.
- Edited my profile and created avis for myself/friends.
- Told everyone Happy 4th of July!
- Played on the Wii and finally connected it to the Internet.
- Attempted to use the TV as a monitor for my computer. Failed.
- Went grocery shopping at ShopRite.
- Ate spicy Korean chicken wings for dinner.
- Helped my mother make side dishes for tomorrow.
- Watched TV with the family.
- Got bit by a mosquito.
- Watched the fireworks.
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37 / M / The Void.
Posted 7/4/12
I watched The Disappointing Spiderman.
Posted 7/4/12
-Mow the loan
-Grocery shopping for some red meat, white meat, and some beer for July 4th BBQ
-Clean grill
-Take a break and watched anime from crunchy roll
-Skewering meat on a stick then started grilling
-Here I am on crunchyroll
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20 / F / Portland
Posted 7/4/12
❤ woke up at a decent hour
❤ went back to bed because fuck that
❤ woke up at the more appropriate hour of two o'clock
❤ ate some of those ghetto ass pancakes that you buy the batter for in like a jug
❤ went for a run
❤ gave up on that shit because i was groggy
❤ went to chapters with my mum and got a book on che guevera
❤ ate delicious chili
❤ watched half of a stupid movie
❤ went on the internet
❤ took a nap
❤ ate dinner
❤ watched the it crowd
❤ and here we are
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23 / F / United States
Posted 7/4/12
I spent time with my mom, went to a festival with two friends, and am now just relaxing
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