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What did you do today?
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Posted 7/28/12
That was terrible...I had a traumatizing experience....

I walked in on an old woman, around 43, while she was taking a shower...My moms friend...

That was embarrassing, why does she feel embarrassed, I'm the one that had to go through that terrible experience...

[Mental picture is being deleted]

Forget....forget....forget....forget... *

That was terrible...Why was the doorknob unlocked!??! It has a lock!!!

I saw something, something crazy...It was shortly lived...about 0.2 seconds...It was a blur followed by a yell...Jeez.

I have a clean mind, why me!? Whyyyy!!!???

I did apologize...Jeez....That was horrible.
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29 / M / Behind You
Posted 7/29/12
- Eat leftover pizza for breakfast
- Went to the gym
- Took my dog to the vet
- Did some grocery shopping with my gf
- Watched the Olympics
- Played beer pong

It gets a little blurry after that
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Posted 7/29/12
sleep, shower, eat, watch t.v., use laptop, and going to sleep now
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27 / M
Posted 7/29/12
Watched the volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, and rowing events of the Olympics
Went to a Goodwill store to accompany my little brother (who wanted to go there)
Ate lunch at a Chinese buffet
Watched an episode of Space Brothers
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22 / M
Posted 7/29/12
I slept-ed dreaming about what to do today.
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28 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 7/29/12
-woke up at 9
-had breakfast and took a shower
-drove to away cricket ground
-played cricket from 12-8, got hit in the ribbs in said cricket game (now go a bruise the size of a dinner plate on me
-drove to home ground
-got drunk and went to town
-got home, fell asleep on my porch
-after my brother woke me up i staggered around some where to be sick lol
-stumbled around my house and passed out on my bed.

was not the greatest of days!
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26 / M / Sweden
Posted 7/29/12
Went out for some Geocaching!
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105 / F / Floating above you
Posted 7/29/12
12:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Sleep
2:01 PM - 2:10 // 5:00 // 2:30 Eat Junk Foods // Play Video/Online Games // Do homework
2:11 PM - Checks outdoors
5:01 PM - Rest
2:31 PM - Rest
5:30 - 8:00 PM - Logs in on Crunchyroll
8:00 - 9:30 PM - Watches other animes at other websites
9:30 PM - 11:00 PM - Logs in on Facebook then posts Random Photos at my pages and groups

I'm going to take a bath next =w=
Posted 7/29/12
ate, slept, ate again, surf the net

and doing my visual aids for tuesday's report >.<
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20 / F / Anywhere
Posted 7/30/12
took a shower, ate pizza, played video games, then took my laptop nd now I'm watching anime
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28 / F / Manila
Posted 7/31/12
work & eat
Posted 7/31/12 , edited 7/31/12
Got drunk in the wee hours of the morning and somehow made it home.
Woke up at around 8 because I was dehydrated.
Drank massive quantities of water.
Ate a light breakfast and fell asleep again at 11.
Woke up at 4 and made myself some strong coffee.
Got dinner with my friend at 7-ish.
Played games
Started posting stuff here.
Played games.
Now I'm back on here. Screw showering. I'll do it tomorrow morning before class.
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M / Cali
Posted 7/31/12
Slept late, woke up late.
Went out to run errands
got gas for one of my car
went to the bank
did some shopping
ate in n out
and being bored at home at this time.
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29 / M / Manhattan, NY, USA
Posted 7/31/12
From my timesheet:

Client interaction: working on sony project, 3.50
General, working on hfh project, 1.00
Leisure, watching My Ordinary Life,2.00
Leisure, watching movie w mike, 0.50
Leisure, general, 1.00
Sleep, 10.00
Non-Leisure, general, 0.50
SC2 General, ladder, 3.50
SC2 Research, Talking about patch and general sc2 meta w/Exhaustion, 2.00
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30 / M / Monterey Park, CA
Posted 7/31/12
Woke up at 12
Warmed up some leftovers for lunch
Watched Saved by the Bell with my girlfriend
Took a shower and got ready for work
Back home to change into casual clothes
Girlfriend's house and pizza for dinner

sleep, rinse, repeat

So uninteresting........
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