Are you familiar with Royal Rangers??
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Posted 10/31/08
Well its a Bible study/Merit session.
Around the worl there are many countries that has this royal rangers for christians and non-christians so that we can reach out to them.
Reaching, Teaching and keeping boys and girls for christ!
Royal Ranger Code:
a royal ranger is:
Alert. He/She is mentally physically, and spiritually alert.
Clean. He/she is clean in body mind and speech.
Honest.He/she does not lie cheat steal.
Courageous: He is brave in spite of danger, criticism, or threats.
Loyal. He/She is faithful to his church, family, outpost and friends.
Corteous: HE/She is polite, kind thoughtful.
Obedient. He/She obeys his parents. leaders, and those in authority.
Spiritual. He/she prays, reads the bible and witnesses.

With God's help, i will do my best to serve God,my church and my fellowman; to live by the ranger code; to make the golden rule my daily rule.
Motto: Ready. meaning: Ready for anything! ready to work, play, serve, worship, live and obey God's word.

Question time!
the royal rangers golden rule is in Mathew 7:12.
do you know what is that verse?
Try to answer it without looking at the bible!
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Posted 10/31/08
Poll section?
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Posted 11/27/09
never heard of them..
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Posted 12/11/09
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Posted 12/11/09
...that's really odd
Posted 12/11/09
No... is it like some kinda retarded new power ranger?
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