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Post Reply ~RP Here~
Posted 11/1/08
Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/1/08
*Comes out of room and runs to everyone*
Posted 11/1/08
Did you pass???!!!!
*run towards*
Posted 11/1/08
*She doesn't respond*
*10 seconds later*
YES!!! I did! =DDDDD
Im shooting my first music video tomorrow! =D
Posted 11/1/08
CONGRATS!!!O yea!Im Angel^^
Posted 11/1/08
XDD Hi Angel!
Im Utau X3!
Well I g2 go pratice my song! =D Byes! X3

*Runs out*
*Turns 5:00 P.M*
Ok! I can pratice here!
(She is at a park)
*Utau starts to sing and a girl with black wings comes up to her and goes into her body*

*Utau collapses on the ground*
Posted 11/1/08
*turns around*
Bye!!! I got to get going!!!
Nighttime business
Posted 11/1/08

Time to get going...
Posted 11/1/08 , edited 11/1/08
~Murasaki wakes up~
Im glad I found an Idol body...
What are you doing in my body?!?!
Im Murasaki...I am a devil that sings songs to control peoples actions...
WHAT?!?!?! I can't allow you to do that!
I have to!! I...I don't have anyone! Im all alone! I have to do this to live! Its not like I want to do it!
*There was silence*
I understand...You can have my body, but I will stop you if you go out of hand...
Thank you...

*Murasaki Starts to Sing*
Posted 11/1/08
(o wow im was listening to that jsut then and right now tooxDD)
*hears song*
(pretend she knows me)
Posted 11/1/08

Angel?! I thought..I thought you died...
*She says directly at Angel*
Posted 11/1/08
Im not dead Murasaki!!!!!!
Besides what are you doing to Utau?!
Posted 11/1/08
She let me borrow her body!
XDD I did, because it seems she was in trouble...
You see! T_T
I came here to practice on my singing abilities to control people's actions...I was also ordered to take 5 souls...
Posted 11/1/08
By who-_-Because rember Im the new Angel Of Darkness!
Posted 11/1/08
I was transfered to the Devil of Souls!
T_T I was ordered by the leader...
Thats why I left! I accepted it, but I wont be going back!
I hate you and everyone one gets mad at me!
Its not my fault!

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