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Quote you just can't forget.
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26 / F / dreamLand
Posted 7/4/10
"I am not the one at fault, the world is."
- Lelouch Lamperouge

"The best way to escape reality without running, is smiling even though, it is obviously fake."
- Sai (Naruto Shippuden)

"Ore-sama bigi no yoi na!" <--i keep remembering this line
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26 / M
Posted 7/10/10
"I can save you but it has to be your choice" aucard from hellsing
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F / Under your bed
Posted 7/10/10
"I used to always cry and give up... I nearly went the wrong way... but you... you showed me the right way... I was always chasing you... wanting to overtake you... I just wanted to walk with you... I wanted to be with you... you changed me! Your smile saved me! So I’m not afraid to die protecting you!! Because I - love you..." --Hinata to Naruto
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30 / M / Palmer, Massachus...
Posted 7/10/10 , edited 7/10/10
"dead as in i shoot you and your brains splatter all over the sand" bando from elfen lied episode 2
"do you enjoy this" lucy from elfen lied
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29 / M / Australia
Posted 7/11/10
"Death is certain. It's hour is uncertain" - on a watch from Gankutsuou, Count of Monte Cristo.
"Unchanging everyday life is indeed a testimony to happiness" - Happy Lesson
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35 / M / An island in the sun
Posted 7/11/10 , edited 7/11/10
"Ever since that day, my heart simply couldn't accept it. This fake life I was never able to fit into, all the time that was lost, these false memories planted in me, giving me a life as one of the herd, and yet… the truth continues to guide me toward itself. That's right! It wasn't me who was wrong! It was the world! The world has to change, so I will change it." ~Lelouch Lamperouge

"It was just that he was all alone. Always by himself. Never anyone to share the game. A man who lived in dreams, that's who he was." ~Spike Spiegel

"You are blinded by your self-righteousness, from the beginning, no one has ever stood at the top, neither you, nor me, nor the gods... but soon, that unattainable vacancy at the top will be filled. From now on, I alone will stand at the top!" ~Sosuke Aizen
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37 / M / Small Wooded town...
Posted 7/11/10
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30 / M / Palmer, Massachus...
Posted 7/11/10

lololololol what anime is that it looks fucking hilarious
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Posted 7/12/10
"We should not shed tears. That is a surrender of the body to the heart. It is only proof that we are beings that do not know what to do with our hearts"
Rukia (Bleach)

"Just do it."
Gintoki (Gintama)

"It's not Katsura, it's Katsurap!"
Katsura (Gintama)
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26 / F / United States
Posted 7/12/10
"we stand is awe at that which cannot be seen" --- Rukia
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22 / M / Kuwait
Posted 7/12/10 , edited 7/12/10
Mine Are.

"It Seemed Like you wanted to Die, but I won't let you Off so easily. I'll Crush you" - By Hibari Kyoya In Katekyoo Hitman Reborn.


"You're More Pathetic than I expected" - By Hibari Kyoya In Katekyoo Hitman Reborn.
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23 / F / anywhere but here :)
Posted 7/12/10 order to survive, we cling to all we know and understand and we label it reality.
But, knowledge and understanding are ambiguous.
That reality could be an illusion...
All humans live with the wrong assumptions.

--uchiha itachi--

it's really long but i know it by heart
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Posted 7/12/10
the best quote ever for me:
I'll bite you to death - hibari kyoya
(I know it's more of a catchphrase than a quote :/)
When a person is cursed, two graves are dug - enma ai
want to try dying this once - enma ai
and some quotes of edward elric
oh, and I love it when they call edward elric a PIPSQUEAK!!!
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M / California
Posted 7/12/10
"Drown in your Ideals, and Die" - Archer from Fate Stay Night
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32 / M / Somewhere
Posted 7/12/10

wickedanimejuggalo420 wrote:

lololololol what anime is that it looks fucking hilarious

Seitokai Yakuindomo episode 2, lol. Gotta love Shino and the things she says.

Anyway, most of my stuff is Gundam and some Angel Beats! stuff, lol.

"His sacrifice won't be forgotten.."

"You sacrificed him!"

"As I said, it's all good!"

*Hinata* "I just like having you around!"

*Otonashi* "Are you..."

*Hinata* "NO!"

"That's right. Our weakness is that we're stupid."

"You know, the leader shouldn't say things like that..."

*Christ* "3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375 10582097494459230781640628620899862803482534211706 79821480865132823066470938446095505822317253594081 28481117450284102701938521105559644622948954930381 96442881097566593344612847564823378678316527120190 91456485669234603486104543266482133936072602491412 73724587006606315588174881520920962829254091715364 36789259036001133053054882046652138414695194151160"

*Yui* ""Even death can't cure idiocy."

Yui: "Um, if we encounter the Angel here, I'm going to pee buckets on the spot!"

Hinata: "I don't care."

Yui: "Care about me!!!"

*they encounter an Angel and Yui freaks out*

Hinata: "I don't care."

Yui: "Care about me!!!"

Naoi *hypnotism*: "Now realize. You are a clown. Look. There is a lonely looking girl in the dark over there."

Oyama: "Oh no, that's true! I have to make her smile!" *STAB!!!*

Hinata: "Oyama!!!!" *with Naoi maliciously smirking*

Otonashi: "You're the worst."

Naoi: "It wasn't like that, Otonashi! I didn't mean that literally! I'm going next!" *STAB!!!!!!!!!!!*

All (that's left): "................................"

Hinata: "Hey. Someone say something."

Yui: "Well, I don't know his name."

Yuri: "Let's go."

Naoi: "Are you talking to me, scum? I'm God."

Hinata: "What? You still on about that? You were clinging onto Otonashi and crying like a baby-"



Naoi: "No matter what kind of past you had, don't lose sight of yourself. *takes Otonashi's hand* No matter what happens, I'll be by your side."

Otonashi: ....

Naoi: "Please say something..."

"Yuri: I'll be here too, so don't worry."

"Otonashi: Great! That's reassuring."


Ramba Ral: "This is no Zaku, boy! No Zaku!"

"I'm not as impatient as you! I can wait for humanity to learn and grow!" - Amuro Ray, Char's Counterattack.

"It take's a man to be a soldier! You're nothing but a kid!!" - Anavel Gato.

"I'll show you that a superior mobile suit has its limits when it goes up against a superior pilot!" - Char Aznable

"Come on! I don't feel like losing!" - Johnny Ridden

"Hatred is the root of all war! That's common sense, boy!" - Anavel Gato

"Grr!! I'm Johnny Ridden, dammit!! The Crimson Lightning!!" - Wonder who could be saying that, lol.

"You adults are always making up excuses! That's why you'd destroy the Earth without a second thought!" - Hathaway Noa

"What the hell is he, a grasshopper?!" - Cima Garahau

"You're just a sore loser!" - Amuro Ray

"Hey, Garma! Do you read me?? Blame this on the misfortune of your birth! Don't take it can thank your father!" - Char Aznable

"I'm sending your sister to join you, Garma. Think of it as a fond farewell present!" - Char Aznable

"A red mobile suit!! Could it be Char?!" - Amuro Ray

"You alright, GM Head???" - Guntank Pilot

"Yeah...but call me that again and you'll regret it." - Karen Joshua

"I'M GONNA LIIIIIVE!!!!!!" - Shiro Amada

"You keep wishing that you had the power, right??? Just remember...when you do get that'll be the one that makes other people cry..." - Athrun Zala

"There's quite a number of them!" *launches DRAGOONs and destroys them all* "..but still, all you have are numbers!" - Mwu La Flaga.

"Hahaha!! No matter what happens now, I've won!! When Jachin self-destructs, GENESIS will fire!!! There's nothing you can do to stop it!! Earth will burn!!! And the sorrowful cries of the victims will trigger battle anew!!" - Rau La Creuset.

"What are we going to do, Yzak?"
"We'll support the Eternal!!"
"It's a ZAFT Vessel!!" - Dearka to Yzak (great excuse, can't admit that you're such a nice guy, huh?? lol)

"Grr...oh to hell with it! It's just Gato's ass that'll be on the line!" - Cima Garahau.

"To the Musai ahead of us: Terribly sorry. We mistook you for Colony wreckage, but I'm afraid it's too late to change our course. Hahahahaha!!" - Cima Garahau.

"You also need to stop fighting while you're trapped in your past! Doing something like this won't bring anyone back! Do you intend to kill even your future?! Was such a power truly what you wanted?!" - Athrun Zala

"Kou! What you've got is a cupid called Gundam and he's not shooting any arrows!!" - Chuck Keith

"Blame Char and his Neo Zeon! He's the one who suddenly decided to drop an asteroid onto Earth!" - Chan Agi

"Huh? This thing moves?" - Hathaway Noa

"Captain!! Nanai hit me real hard! Make sure she's punished!!" - Quess Paraya

"Huh?? What's a kid doing piloting a Gundam?!" - Kai Shidan, Zeta Gundam

"It's amazing that something so big can even walk!" - Amuro Ray, Zeta Gundam

"Hey, Katz! You're not thinking about taking the Gundam swimming again, are you?" - Char Aznable, Zeta Gundam.

"Man..why don't you just give it up and stop pretending to be human...?" - Duo Maxwell.

"I have to decide for myself whether or not peace at the costs of lives can really be defined as peace!" - Wu Fei, Endless Waltz

"Humanity did not change! Although all enemies were defeated, Earth did not change one bit!!" - Wu Fei, Endless Waltz

"I fight for the soldiers who were used as weapons!! I'm fighting for the sake of ALL Soldiers, including yourself!!" - Wu Fei, Endless Waltz

"You and I are the same!!! We're both only able to acknowledge our existence on the battlefield!!!" - Wu Fei, Endless Waltz

"I've been lost ever since the day I was born..." - Heero Yuy, Endless Waltz

"I'm getting rid of them all......anyone that fights is my enemy!!!" - Heero Yuy

"You're afraid of dying....aren't you??? Well then....YOU SHOULDN'T BE FIGHTING AT ALL!!!" *BOOM!!!!* - Quatre Rerbaba Winner


"Go ahead, Patrick Zala, be conceited. Arrogant fool." - Raw Le Creuset

"Are you saying it's wrong for me to fight if there's nothing I want to defend??" - Amuro Ray

"Lalah! Stop playing around with him!" - Char Aznable

"You aren't usually this naive, dear brother...." *BANG!!!* - Kycillia Zabi

"For the glory of Zeon, for my own pride, you will NOT defeat me!!" - Dozle Zabi

"I'll never let a punk like you beat me!!! NEVER!!!!!" - Dozle Zabi

*Kira and Lacus come out of the room in normal suits*

"Uhhh..." - Sai

"What?" - Kira

"I'm just wondering when she got pregnant..." - Sai

"I believed in God, and learned that He didn't exist..." - Setsuna F.Seiei

"Hey you guys......Are you satisfied with this type of world? I'm....Not." - Lockon Stratos

"Shoot the Tallgeese with the CANNON?!" - Quinze, Gundam Wing

"How many times must you interfere with Operation Meteor?! If it weren't for you 5 scientists changing the orders to Gundam pilots, mankind would've come to its senses long ago!"

"We're going to interfere just one last time." *pushes button* - Quinze and Professor G, Gundam Wing

"Why don't you finish me?"

"....Relena would be sad." - Zechs and Heero

"You really think that Mobile Suit is a match for The O, Char?!" - Scirocco"You really think that Mobile Suit is a match for The O, Char?!" - Scirocco

"I'm glad I came back...and got to meet you..." - Haman Karn

"Puru, puru, puru, puru, puru!!" - Elpeo Puru

"COME OUT! GUNDAM!!!" *snap!*

*God Gundam appears and lands in a pose*

"Hey, Domon! I wanna do that too! Watch!"

"What? There's no way you could..."

"COME OUT! QUBELEY!" *snap!*

*Qubeley appears and lands in the same pose*


"Hehehe! I DID IT!!"

" did you do that...?"

"Hehehe! It's a secret!"

- Elpeo Puru and Domon Kasshu

"Hey! Not bad, old man!"

"...old man? ...He's my master..."

- Elpeo Puru and Domon Kasshu

"Hey! Your Gundam's really cool!"

"Really? Thanks! No one's ever told me that before..."

"Yeah, it's so cool...we could get a good price on it at the junkyard!"

- Judau Ashta and Loran Cehack

"...only option is...self-destruction."

"Whoa, wait! If you don't want it, give the Mobile Suit to me, okay? Everyone, recover the enemy Gundam! We can break it down for spare parts!"


- Heero Yuy and Judau Ashta

"Stop it! You're sisters! You shouldn't be fighting eachother!"

"Oh...right. Ummm...well, I guess I'll just have to fight YOU instead!"

"That is NOT what I meant!"

- Loran Cehack and Elpeo Puru

"Like I always say; when opportunity knocks, answer the door." - Char Aznable, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

"You're no Newtype. You're a newbie." - Char Aznable, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2

"Victory is MINE!!" *WHOOSH!!!* - Norris Packard

"He took out that tank like it was nothing at all. This an ACE!" - Terry Sanders

"I know you can hear me, Gato! You may have forgotten me, but I haven't forgotten you!"

"It's that same damn kid!!"

"I'll keep on following you until we've finally settled this!"

"Hmph! Nothing would be more pleasure than adding YOU to my victory list! Besides, didn't I tell you that I have nothing more to say?!" - Kou Uraki and Anavel Gato

"And with this blow, history is changed." - General John Kowin

"I could be dead by tomorrow morning...should have changed my underwear." - Kamille Bidan

"Come out, Gunda.......!!!!"

"Can you fight quietly? It's distracting me."

- Domon Kasshu and Heero Yuy

"Let's take a bath together, Laura!"

"You guys really don't get me..."

- Elpeo Puru and Loran Cehak (as Laura)

"Hey! That's MY Qubeley!!"

- Elpeo Puru

"Everybody in the Lab knew Char had a thing for young girls, but he hooked up with Nanai so he looks like a Captain."

- Gyunei Guss

"Watch me, maybe you could learn something!"

"Yeah, learn how to LOSE maybe!"

- Jerid Messa and Shinn Asuka

"Show me how a knight fights!"

"And you, show me how a lady fights!"

- Haman Karn and Milliardo Peacecraft

"This thing's too big for me. I need something more my size."

- Quess Paraya XDXDXDXD



"Let the perishable perish, and let the flammable burn...Our plans to cleanse the Earth are beyond your understanding!"

- Katejina Loos

"After this is over, do u want to take a bath with me, Amuro?"

"Uhh, maybe later..."

- Elpeo Puru and Amuro Ray

"If a girl is pretty enough, even her mistakes seem cute."

- Roux Louka

"This Mobile Suit is so ancient!"

- Seabook Arno

"Wow a bearded gundam! It's so cute! I want to paint it pink!"

"Umm... I'll take that as a compliment? But if it's pink, it can't be called "White Doll" anymore."

- Lacus Clyne and Loran Cehak.
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