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Posted 11/9/08 , edited 10/14/09
Name: Gaybriel Hyrogetana


Personality: Very quiet but friendly guy when you get to know him he is very funny. He always gets into fights because he's in always in the wrong place at the wrong time. He loves pictures and is fascinated by them and often day dreams. He lives with his adopted father who has a company that deals with art. He often runs away after having stupid fights but end up returning in the back of a police car. He is very smart but hides his intelligence with his sillyness.

Posted 11/9/08 , edited 10/14/09
Name:Azzi souzuteki


Personality:uniquie,crazy,fun,loves rock music and art

Background:gerw up in a small houes with her mum and annoying older bro...

Crush/ GF/ BF:shin!`XD(in rl tooo~XD)

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Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08
Name: Aeria Kurone (stage name/ real name) Ari Tsukizu (fake name)

: 13 (appears to be)

: Her personality differs from time to time, to whatever she is feeling at that time. She is mostly a crazy, hyper, whacked out, cheery girl. NOTE: She might be dangerous~ XD

: Pure-blooded vampire princess, but only dangerous on the night of a full moon. She could manipulate the elements and time and such.Her family is really, really, really rich. She was accidentally caught singing by a recruiter in the music industry when her parents let her out to play at the mall that they owned, so she became a singer and took her true name, but sometimes gets embarrassed because of it, so she took the name, "Ari Tsukizu", when she goes to school. She wears blackish brown contacts to cover her red eyes during school. She's good at everything, except for spelling and being bored (lol). She hates it when people ruin her fun.Her obsession is cute things, like stuffed animals or little kids.

Crush/ GF/ BF
: None for now

Posted 11/9/08
Name :yuki
age 22
pesonality: hyper,playfull n a crybaby n nice lil gurl
Background :yuki is a half wolf gurl she san tranform into real human n when she get mad she will tranfrom into a real wolf so be carefull okie ^^ but she is not a dangerous ^^
picture : as a human

picture: as a wolf gurl
Posted 11/9/08 , edited 10/14/09
Name: Miyoko
age: 15
personality: likes to laugh and have fun, not really that good with showing her emotions though. most of the time you'll see her with a pen,she loves to write. she's kind to almost everyone, and can be a bit sarcastic at times, but that's what makes her stand out of the crowd.
Bf: doesn't have one
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27 / F / PuertoRico
Posted 11/10/08 , edited 11/10/08
Name: Izumary Kyoske

Age: 17

Nice, out going and have a good since of authority but kind as well

Background: She haves a normal life but fight with herself to try to be the perfect student and girl

Crush/ GF/ BF:
None at the moment


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Posted 11/10/08 , edited 11/13/08
Name:Raven Hirosuki


Personality:sweet, open minded,hot tempered, helpful and honest but can be quiet at times..

Background: she comes from a long line of witches and warlocks....she learned most of her magic from her mom but also from her dad and grandma......she was taught not to judge people by their appearance.....she is well mannered and respectful...but she tends to have a short temper.....her parents travel a lot so most of the time she is alone at her house and takes care of herself...

Crush/ GF/ BF: Twilight Dragon

Her Human Side:

Her Witch Side or When She Loses her Temper:

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24 / F / up yours... ;d
Posted 11/11/08
Name: Maya
Age: 17
Personality: trustworthy, kind, unselfish, stubborn, confident, bad temper, sarcastic and honest.
Background: raised by her grandma and has a double life. owns a motorcycle and races. music influences her emotions greatly and she always has her ipod handy. she hates romantic relationships with boys because she finds then to be disappointed in her cases. she is a sucker for romance altho she has never been treated well. she gets hit on often and shoots guys down quickly becus none ever impress her enough. if she is your friend then you are a very lucky person. she'll put your needs above her own.


double life:

Posted 11/12/08 , edited 10/14/09
Name:Miyu(meaning:beautiful moon)


Personality:Smart,cute,fun,outgoing but only if she knows you,sporty,talented,courageus,clumsy

Background:A girl who is unknown even to herself and she knows she has special things happening to her that humans can't comprehend,she is rich but dosen't like to show it her family is full of famous people and smart people thats how she's rich she dosen't like to show it but if you look past everything shes a beautiful person inside and out.she reads a lot in hopes to go to another world with her imagination.

Crush/ GF/ BF:None

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23 / F / in rose cottage
Posted 11/15/08 , edited 10/14/09
Name:kitto kiuski


Personality:gothic, emo, hyper, bipoler, nice, meen to ppl who hurt my friends, and loves to draw read and wright, and im a major tom-boy.

Background: ~classified~

Crush/ GF/ BF: NONE


(althow with black hair and one red streck in the bangs)
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27 / M / u k
Posted 11/17/08 , edited 10/14/09
Name: Michael/Micky Carke

just to know i have a split personality.
normal Personality: nice, hate people who act week and people who hurt my friends,
split personality: gothic, hyper dont like people much likes being alone unless some interesting come by.

Background: got sick of being bored at home so one day Micky came out its bin fun since but got sick of family bugging me so moved out now, I live in a flat now and have to go to new school, ohh yer the only way to tell between me and Micky is we agreed that i where a blue tie and Micky wheres black, hope it helps lol

Michael's picture:

Micky's picture:
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24 / F / Take a guess~
Posted 11/21/08
Name: Xu-youn
Age: 15

Describtion: High skool student, 10th grader. shy, loves to cook, sings to self quietly. Usually skips class to lay on a desk next to a sakura tree, staring at the sky or taking a nap. When she is in class she stares outside the window dozing off. Smart, but a daydreamer. She lives on her own in a decent house.
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24 / F / somewhere
Posted 11/25/08 , edited 10/14/09
Name: Temari

Age: 16

Personality: seems shy at first, but once you get to know she is very outgoing, mysterious and has a fiery spirit. Loves all her friends. Almost never angered, but when she is you better watch out. Never gives up.

Background: Very,very rich. Dad was a famous actor/singer who died. Mom is a very famous model. Is an only child.

Crush/ GF/ BF:none.

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22 / F / Asia, singapore
Posted 11/30/08 , edited 10/14/09
Name: Mitsuki or Finny =D

Age: 13

Personality: Outgoing, energetic, loud, speaks without thinking, considers herself weird, self-conscious at times, happy, has a habit of keeping her problems to herself, daydreamer and frequently sleeps in maths class, doesn't care about fashion, makeup and looks.

Background: Youngest in her family. She can sing but always wishes she can't. She hates popularity. Loves to draw and uses it as a form to express herself. Has a habit of either talking to herself or her stuffed toys as she has no one to talk to at home. Wishes to be closer to her family. Loves her friends and was nicknamed "joker" because she always make them laugh. She also adores kids. Shows no interest in having a boyfriend. Mitsuki has asthma and has to take the inhaler every now and then, but she doesn't tell others because she doesn't want them to worry. She continues taking up sports and as a result, her asthma gets worse each day.


Signature pose! Lol! XD
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20 / F / panland
Posted 12/2/08 , edited 12/4/08
Name: Kumi/Pichi
Age: 14 (they are twins but Pichi was born first)
Personality: Kumi sweet and shy. likes looking out of the window. Pichi is outgoing and caring.
Background: Kumi is always the troubled one when she was little. Made no friends when she was in elementary school. Lived in her own way, since everyone hated her. When she was 6 her parents died(they were murdered). Has a tattoo on the side of her stomach . Currently living with her sister with a lot of stuff animals in her room. Pichi is a vampire but it seems that she is just a regular girl. She drinks blood from her sister and she is the oldest of the two. Pichi is also very smart always get 100s on her grades and tests.
Crush/ GF/ BF: None
Posted 12/8/08 , edited 10/14/09


Personality: Silent, Not alwas self centered, Kind.

Background: He lives by himself, but he has a rich family that barely spends time with him. Hes constantly watches tv and does not do his homework. But although he gets good grades and he was a orphan until he got sent by another family and he was still 4 that time. Now he barely knows his real parents and his foster parents and he protects anyone hes likes or friends with.

Crush/ GF/ BF: Not Yet


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