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Who do you think is the ULTIMATE actor and actress?
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--private neverla...
Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08

SSBSMS wrote:

Who do you think is the ultimate actor and actress and why? By ultimate i mean based on acting skill(ability to be flexible in performing DIFFERENT roles), singing(must be able to sing their best LIVE), and dancing skills(must not look awkward).

ultimate actor..flexibility wise i'd say Oguri Shun...but then he's no good in all hahaha!
Gong Yoo is a great actor...and singer too but his dance moves are kinna left me with

tan tananannnnn....

acting? PASS
singing? PASS --singing live while playing the guitar
dancing? PASS sexy back!
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Posted 11/9/08
he can act...
he can sing...
he can dance...

the only thing thats brought him down was his english..but he can fix that...
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Malaysia the land...
Posted 11/9/08

idarklight wrote:

IDoNotKnowOk wrote:

kennydle wrote:

jackie chan hand down

But Jackie Chan can't sing well :P

not true. He can sing pretty well. He used to train at a Peking opera place....

Yeah I noe..I was juz kidding ..he even released an album.
Posted 11/9/08
This kind of question can't be answered objectively. Most people would say that their favorite actors / actresses are the best / the ultimate, so i would recommend you use this thread

Favorite Actor/Actress

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