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Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08

summary: 300 years back, demons& human interacted with one another in harmony.
but everyone knew that it was only a matter of time till' one side decided to take over the nation,
and thus the bloody battle for control took over that era.
the battle went on for well past 100 years, many lives we're lost, but there was no winner, nor a loser;
on the last battle taken place on December 24, the demon king's love was killed, throwing a tantrum as his lost,
he ordered the remaining demons, to transform into their human forms, and escape. never to un-ravel their true identities again,
with that brought the end to the era of demons,
or did it?

after the battle, the human king ordered extinctions of all demons; but there wasn't any found.
that's because, the demon king sacrifice his self to create a demon world.
in which all demons escape to creating their own world.
no one knew this story, it was classified. it was never told; expect the odd rumors about vampire and witches,

but the real question is; do all demons reign in the underworld?
the answer is no,

300 years later, a secret school was built, for demons.
the school name 'nightmare high'
letters we're send out by the chairman of the school> the descendant of the human king,
to ask demons to attend the academy, along with humans. to prove that the two worlds could live together once again,

demons whom accepted these letters agree to join the academy,
but, the objection of the school wasn't just to get along with humans,
the demon students we're to attend, morning classes with the human students,
but after night falls, the demon students we're trained; cryptic languages/ to control their powers/ and to fight
yes the real objective of the school was to train the demons as spies.
every now and then the students would ether be put on a mission to protect/escort important people
or to deliver objects around the world,

human class students> regular class

demons class student> special class


are you up for the challenge?

you can ether be a human or a demon,

will you fall in love? maybe.

will you fall apart? maybe

will it be fun? hell yes,
Posted 11/9/08
Sounds soo KOOL!
Posted 11/9/08
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Posted 11/9/08
Sweet, I love the back story this'll be fun.
Posted 11/9/08 , edited 11/9/08
YUPP! no problem!!
Posted 11/9/08
^^! thanks,
well i already started the game;
so check it out,
Posted 11/9/08
Posted 11/9/08
i like it
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Posted 11/10/08
this sounds excelent
Posted 11/10/08
thank you ^^!
if you want to take part make a character, and play.
it doesn't matter if you suck you'll get the hang of it!
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Posted 11/10/08
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Posted 11/12/08
Love the picx... hehehe
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Posted 11/13/08
the pics are soo cool!
Posted 11/30/08
cool story i wonder how do you know when you have mission and stuff^^
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Posted 12/5/08 , edited 12/5/08
cool, cant w8 2 rpXD think it'll b lotsa fun <3 btw luv the picz
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