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Girls Who Play Online Games..
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35 / F
Posted 12/15/09
World of Warcraft, lots of WoW! almost as much wow as anime watching XD
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27 / M / The Netherworld
Posted 12/16/09
I don't think that's possible... at least not of her own free will.
Posted 12/17/09
you know what they say... on the internet, girls are guys, guys are guys, and hot people are ugly
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22 / F
Posted 12/18/09
dont get the cops pic :S
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Posted 12/27/09
Having skimmed the thread, I'm noticing a lot of WoW and free Korean MMOs. Not that I have anything against either, since I've played my fair share of both. But, to be a bit weird:

Currently playing:
City of Heroes
Champions Online

Past MMOs:
Atlantica Online
Runes of Magic
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25 / F / on the beach...
Posted 12/27/09
i play gunbound!!! weeeh.. especially now that it's back!!!`
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23 / F
Posted 12/27/09
World of Warcraft. I don't play it anymore though ; //. But played it for 4 years, and it was A w e s o m e.
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Posted 12/27/09
MapleStory....and currently crunchlyand avatar....~lol~
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40 / F / Alaska
Posted 12/27/09
I played WoW the longest of any mmo, started shortly after launch but I gave it up a couple months after WotLK came out. Not too fond of raiding but I loved battlegrounds... but even that gets old when that's all there is to do.
Yay my hunter is 80, time for bg!!!...
Yay my druid is 80 time for bg!...
my shaman is 80... i guess its time for bg...
ugh my priest is almost 80... screw it. lol

I'm currently playing Champions Online and Heroes of Gaia

I have played...
Guild Wars and all its xpacs
Dark Age of Camelot
City of Villains
Lineage 2
Lord of the Rings Online... actually got to beta test that one... hated it lol
Chronicles of Spellborn
Everquest 2
Star Wars Galaxies
Requiem: Bloodymare
Sword of the New World
Runes of Magic - games is decent... nice blend of wow and guildwars, but I stayed as long as I did due to the awesome guild I was part of.
Perfect World

and perhaps a few others I forgot to mention.
Most of them I spent little time on, usually 2weeks to a month before I decided it was lame and moved on.
Even though I'm an mmo addict I seem to be hard to please... my fiance says its cuz I'm female
Of that list there's probably only 5 or 6 that I stuck with for a while. But I'm really looking forward to Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars TOR!

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24 / F / Shittsville,CA
Posted 12/27/09
counter strike source, WoW, and COD5/6
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★-cy's heart-★
Posted 12/28/09
ran online
cabal online
grand chase
Posted 12/28/09
I've played Gunbound
Gunbound WC,
Anarchy Online
Perfect World

and that's pretty much it.
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32 / F
Posted 12/28/09
In any Mmo you go into, most guys crossdress. I remember the "girls don't exist on the internet or in mmo games." It's funny at times when I see a girl get emo in an online game about that subject itself.

But yes, there are a lot of good online games. They suck us dry with their time consuming "level up" grinds.
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34 / F / Oregon
Posted 12/28/09
I love MMOs so much!! <3

My first MMO was RagnarokOnline back around '03; up until then I was mainly playing single and multiplayer console RPGs with my now-ex and hadn't really done much computer gaming except for Warcraft 1 & 2 and Civilization-style strategy games on Macs. Once my ex and I got a nice Windows computer though (my first experience with one!) in early '04, he suddenly downloaded RagnarokOnline one day for some reason and he couldn't get the hang of it and complained about having to play with the other random people on there and how he couldn't make friends or get any quest help. I tried it out of curiosity and was instantly addicted, and couldn't understand why he didn't like it and had trouble making random friends while questing like I did. It may be because I was so friendly, I'd visit the newbie areas and help random people and made some really neat crazy friends, whereas he is very self-centered and focused on only his own goals, rarely stopping to speak with anyone.. one reason we were not a good match! -.-; Console-wise I played the orig Counterstrike in online mode occasionally but then he sold it so he could buy other games. Anyway.. after that I played some text rpg MUDs and eventually got into World of Warcraft which I played off and on for the next 4 years. During this, I also tried Guild Wars, though that ended within a week. I loved the graphics, questing mechanics and collecting matching clothes but some guy in my party clicked to go forward into the future part after the cataclysmic event before I was done with all my quests and it really depressed me since I am the sort to finish all my quests before going to the next area- very methodical and love playing that way. I quit since I felt it ruined my experience and I actually didn't miss it so I never played again though I still own it. Around that time I tried Nexon's MapleStory since it looked cute but I got annoyed with the whole 'F2P' that actually makes you have to buy stuff so I quit. (Rawr~ I'm picky!) I also vaguely remember trying SilkRoad at one point as well, not sure when but it was actually pretty fun until I had to reinstall my OS and ended up just not downloading SR again since it seemed a little glitchy and required alot of grinding, which I didn't have time for then. So thennnn I tried LotRO for the RP I heard so much about but I drifted back to WoW again eventually since I didn't want my guild to be without a good healer. To my dismay, that very guild ended up migrating en-masse to EQ2 so I went along and tried a character on a friend's spare acct since I was broke at the time; I crafted for pretty much 7 days straight since was barely anyone in the newb area to play with and then quit since I missed my real friends still back in WoW. So I went back to WoW and my number 1 favorite MUD and simply played those until the MUD finally died (it was 11 years old!) and finally I quit WoW in July this year out of sheer boredom and irritation. I knew I'd want another MMO to replace it so when I heard that Aion was coming out, I ended up asking and getting it from my fiance (yup! fiance, hee! I'm very happy now with this awesome fellow!) in August for my Birthday. I got it just in time to play in the Closed and Open Betas before US release. Aion is alot of fun with it's aerial combat and lush fantasy settings, though the grinding gets pretty crazy about L39! Thankfully I have alot of time for it now. Also I just saw some screens of Mabinogi from Nexon (ugh! Nexon again! *shudder*) and installed it to try out but I see you can only make one character and then you have to buy 'character cards' to make any more? O.o;; That's making me very wary so we'll see how far I can go without having to buy anything.. seems everything from bag space to mounts to making characters beyond your 1st costs money. But I digress.. 'you get what you pay for', and 'money makes the (Online)world go round'!

Currently: Aion, CrunchyLandAvatar, Mabinogi ;p

I really like questing and fighting but one thing that I love is finding genuine roleplaying going on in whatever game world I am in. Nothing better than stumbling across people doing such lovely acting. One thing I confess is that I'm actually rather inexperienced in MMOs compared to most since I was always hindered until just recently by money (my ex handled both our paychecks and hated letting me buy anything, even groceries) and time (he and I had to work fulltime to help support his console gaming addiction and our overpriced rent for the apartment he chose for us). As such, there were games I was interested in but never really got to try. Like how I was always was interested in Lineage, having seen it briefly somewhere and never knew the name until recently and figured it was something I'd need to buy so I didn't pursue it.. but it was so gorgeous I always thought it'd be a blast to roleplay there. Also I feel obligated to mention the player reviews of DAoC also caught my attention since I heard there was a great player community there at one time though it seems many feel it has died out mostly. Anyone know anything about that? But now I'm going to post and let your eyes have a rest since I see I have rambled my life story practically! Ciao friends! ~ <3

PS: Such a girl eh? I can't believed I typed all this. x_x
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41 / M / SLC
Posted 12/28/09
I'd cite rule 30 but... 40 pages perhaps it's time that rule get retired.
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