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Girls Who Play Online Games..
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43 / M / Canada
Posted 2/14/12
I always pick female avatars when i play. it's really funny when guys don't catch on that you might not really be a girl.

my 2 best stories are from FF11 ...
first time, i was out leveling somewhere low, a new mithra character (basically a catgirl, if you don't know, and only available as F, so.. you take a guess what % of those aren't actually girls)

i get a pm from somebody... chatted for a couple minutes... he quickly made it clear he was offering me game gold for cybersex. amusingly, after i pointed out his error in assuming all mithra are girls, he seemed to quickly go offline... HMMM~~ lolz.

another time, i was hanging out in town, get a pm again.. a really classy guy had just messaged me.. "hi chic"
wait, seriously..? i mean it was obvious english wasn't his first language, but really.. "hi chic" is the best he could come up with?
and i said that right to him, too.
not to be outdone, he then told me he loved me.
later, i had a laugh about it with my guild.. and earned the regular greeting "hi chic. can i tcouh ur bewb?" from one of them.

some other time, playing "Ultima Online" (damn, there's an old game, no?) i was trying to start a new character... random stranger runs up to me at the bank, trying to be a gentleman, and help a lady out. chat chat this & that, not trying to hit on me. i randomly complain about how hard it is to start a character, suddenly he's trying to dump some decent gear on me. didn't wanna be a gold-digger, so i thank him and tell him "i'm not -really- a girl y'know" ... lol, he thinks about it for a sec, goes "eh whatever" and gives me the stuff anyways. hehehe.

but currently... is there anything good like a newer better version of RO out there, that's still cute like that, and not grody chunky ugly 3d?
(3d is fine, but all the games that used to be available a couple years ago before i gave up for a while were all so ugly looking)
Posted 2/29/12
3 known girlfriends who plays vgames.

1st - she plays everything from FPS to RPGs
2nd - she's obsess with Wrestling games and only wresting games
3rd - she plays runescape, FFXIII and games like rockband.
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Posted 3/27/12
not sure if this is a dead topic but i help run a gaming commiunty call KIG or we mostly play fps game like mw3 and gears, we have 1400 members and 300 or so of the are women how are pretty bad ass. also one of the branches is 100% female and they kick ass as well if anyone male of female whats to know more info or join check to site out and then send me your gamer tag
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25 / F / Sweden
Posted 3/27/12
I used to play Spiral Knight! But now I mostly play L4D and Diablo.:p
Posted 3/27/12
skyrim, burnout, gran turismo, ddr, zelda, etc. bleh D:
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Posted 3/27/12
toontown atm
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21 / F / B-612
Posted 3/28/12
Online Disney games...
Posted 3/29/12
now i play AQ,Warcraft
Posted 4/9/12
Girls Who Play Online Games... are cool.
In the words of that one Robot chicken sketch, "Yes, yes, and more yes." xDD
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32 / F / Plattsburgh , NY
Posted 4/10/12
i play a lot of video and online games .
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Posted 4/20/12
there are surprisingly alot of girls who play Alliance of Valiant Arms (f2p pc mmo fps), and attractive ones too
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22 / F / England, UK
Posted 4/26/12
I play runescape xD
And im constantly on Xbox xD :3

Add me :3 -- Spatulaa07
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M / OC, Cali
Posted 5/3/12
I actually have a very close friend of mine and she's a beast on Halo and plays WOW. I don't find it wrong for girls to play video games. I personally enjoy destroying either gender on online games.
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22 / F / In your closet
Posted 5/5/12
Sudden Attack
Counter Strike
Maple Story
Genesis AD

Although I'm a bit inactive due to examinations this coming week.

Oh and of course, PS3 Games.
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28 / F / Manila
Posted 5/8/12
Online games...

Assassin's Creed series
Granado Espada
for now
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