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Girls Who Play Online Games..
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30 / F / USA
Posted 4/26/13

AruarianDance wrote:

hate them all so much i hope i never meet any

Same here...they all have cooties (or something).... *grumbles*
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24 / F / Georgia
Posted 4/27/13
I usually don't admit my gender on a game. Last time I did that on a Team Fortress 2 server, I got asked what I looked like and some were being real nice to my Soldier. ._.

I've played Maplestory, Grand Fantasia, Dragon Nest, Eden Eternal, Left 4 Dead 1-2 Half-life and Team Fortress 2. I play mostly Eden Eternal now lately when I get free time. \o/
Posted 4/28/13
I play and I cuss.
Posted 4/29/13
i play way too much... I BLAME MY BROTHER
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25 / M / Honolulu, HI
Posted 5/2/13
Where the eff are all these female gamers. I guess I just restarted wow after a hiatus since 08 and it is so casual i only do LFR and say hi to my friends who are far away. No time to be hardcore cuz job and life and getting shwasted on weekends calls. And anime on lazy sundays. Anyone guy or girl who plays wow on magtheridon server hit me up. I got a NE druid named Doobis!!! Say hi!!!!!
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18 / F / USA
Posted 5/12/13
II mostly play Team Fortress 2 now, but I used to play a bit of Guild Wars. Most of my gaming is done on my consoles and not my PC.
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Posted 5/12/13
Ummmm.... WoW, LoL, Runescape, Maplenstory... but I literally play all consoles so right now im more on TF2 (have been since it came out), Halo, Harvest Moon ANB, Running through Bioshock Infinite (had that since it came out but Im saving this last chapter for some reason), Poker night... honestly I play soooooo many games and am in every way a hardcore gamer, I wish my aim was better in multiplayer games, But yeah I play a lot online too... Terraria also had me for a while, bbut for MMOs, most recent has been SWTOR :-)
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Posted 5/12/13
lol I have been doing it for so long but it still annoys me, TF2... happens all the time, but Halo it gets annoying...


Me: (In game, first time I talk) Alright quick, behind base, 2 guys on a Warthog, 1 with a Rocket Launcher, The other wi----
Random guy: awwwwwww shiiiitz Its a girl heh heh... shouldn't you be makin' my sandwich
Me: FOR F**king real Dudes, BEHIND BASE, they are going to grab the flage they are--- eh, they got the flag, I am still on my way over, (2 ppl get killed at base, Kill feed reflects)Please some--
Random other guy: She shot at someone, holy crap shes really playing--
Me: Please they are now half way to their base PLEASE F**KING ---- (Other team caps)
Random guy: so... are you really a guy or like a young boy...
Me: You guys suck, are not good team mates and yeah sure whatevs I am a little boy friggin Pedofile... (I leave team when we lose)
Random guy messages me: "So seriously... are you a girl? because like your bio says you are and... Um, I will send you a friend request so we can play again..."
Me: Facepalm, *Deletes request and message*

But yeah, I Totally feel you, lol
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32 / M
Posted 5/15/13
I used to play Tower of Saviors
coz my bro is addicted to it..and I started to play, and get addicted to it too XD
i want more diamonds plz !
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M / Texas
Posted 5/17/13
My friend Emily plays a few games. She is into Star Trek Online and Scarlet Blade. She and I both used to play World of Warcraft, but that got boring. I think she is quitting Scarlet Blade though because she says it's a pay to win game. I played Star Trek Online for about a month before I got bored of it.
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24 / M / United States
Posted 5/18/13 , edited 5/18/13
This shouldn't really be that strange there's quite a few good gamer's out there that are women too.

I would like to find one to team up on MMO's and FPS's.
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23 / F / USA
Posted 5/18/13
I used to play Mabinogi, Trickster, Secret of the Solstice, Grand Fantasia, Elsword and Lucent Heart.

I've also been wanting to play Rusty Hearts, but have not had the time.
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M / West Point (USMA)
Posted 5/19/13
I use girls to help me trade. Just let them go to the middle, let all the desperate horndogs on the internet come and try to feast on her pixels, and voila~ I have lots of more trading partners for my items in less than 5 minutes!
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 11/20/13
Closed due to inactivity. Its been over 6 months and no new posts. Locked.
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