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26 / F / NotEvenWorth YOuR...
Posted 11/10/08
I just started listening to a few of his songs, and my favorite right now is Sorry Sorry.
It sounds really awkward when he raps, so it doesn't sound he's trying too hard. And I like slow songs, too, so maybe that's why I like it too. (I like him better as an actor than a singer, but anyways)
What's your favorite song?
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23 / F / Makati
Posted 7/11/15
I listened to Edison's music too...

He sings mainly in Cantonese and anyone saying that he can't sing .. but look at his musicality, he can rap and sing at the same time... it's so hard to rap... (just to be honest) ... since he's rarely singing in the before 2008 era, he focused himself more on the hiphop than the mainstream cantonese pop after giving him a chance to produce a hiphop album.... This was the reason why I also idolized him...
I admired him very much for his acting because it's his natural forte.
I found all of his early recordings more beautiful and well delivered !

I loved his album Peace and Love ...

While My favorite song here is Winter
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23 / F / Makati
Posted 7/11/15
Top 10 EC's songs that I like!

1. I Can Fly (CONFUSION)
2. 牛郎织女 / Cowherd And Weaver... (Break Through) ---> The Cantonese version of Savage Garden's "I Knew I Loved You"
3. 你 / You (Edison EP/Hits and Misses)
4. 寒冬 / Winter (Peace and Love)
5. 求饶 / Beg For Mercy (Transition)
6. Number 9 (Hits and Misses)
7. Sorry sorry (Transition)
8. 爱火 / Love Fire (Visual Diary)
9. 壞孩子的天空 / The Sky Of Naughty (Peace and Love)
10. 曾亦信 / Ever Too Honest (Break Through)

Honorable Mentions
* 越来越爱你 / Loving You More And... (Peace and Love)
* 三个人的舞会 / Dance Of Three Persons... (Peace and Love)
* 破坏王 / Destructor (Peace and Love)
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