Resistance 2 vs. Gears of War 2
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Posted 11/11/08
I want your thought on which game you prefer. I have played the beta of R2 and have played three acts and couple multiplayer matches of Gears 2, and so far I prefer R2, although that might change. What are your thoughts on these two games?

+Amazing co-op
+Lag-free 60 players online

-Graphics are not very impressive

Gears 2
+Great Graphics
+Same great gameplay

-SAME great gameplay
-Too much vehicle sections in campaign
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Posted 11/11/08
Too different.

One's a FPS with great online multiplayer, great co-op, and good campaign.

The other's a TPS with a cover system, better story, but glitchy ass online.
Posted 11/12/08
No versus threads please. Start a poll for this instead.

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