Post Reply SBS has done an extremely rude, impolite and unprofessional thing to Rain.
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JeongJi-hun wrote:

12 Nov 2008 - Complain to SBS and demand apology
Today (Korea time November 12) SBS has done an extremely rude, impolite and unprofessional thing to Rain.

They have invited Rain as a guest to perform at the "water grand ceremony" and Rain is the last one to perform "Rainism". Just as Rain started to sing and dance advertisements appeared on the screen, meaning the show was to end, and audience in front of the TV did not even watch half of the song and the program was over. Normally, the performance will continue on site but the TV program will stop. However, according to clouds at the ceremony, SBS even stopped the music on site without letting Rain complete his performance. Rain was taken by surprise and he and his dancers stood on stage for 10 seconds, amazed. Then they have to leave. Sitting on the floor were tables of guests. You can imagine how embarrassing this was.

Many clouds went to cheer for Rain and they waited for him as he drove out. Rain waved to clouds and we hope he feels better seeing the support of the clouds.

We are boiling with anger on what SBS did to Rain and to the clouds. We felt Rain and clouds are being made use of. Rain-Cloud website has already issued a complaint letter to SBS and urged all clouds to lodge complaints to SBS.

Many of us have already sent e-mail to SBS demanding a public, formal apology. We are trying to find other means to force SBS to apologise.

Please write your complain to [email protected]

We demand proper respect to artist, be it Rain or others. We want SBS to formally apologise to Rain and clouds! If any of you know of any other forum to lodge our complaints please let us know!

source: rainamerica
from: including-rainsworld

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omg!! i can't believe it!!! i hate sbs!!!!
first it was the song of "YOU" and now!!!
i really hate sbs!!!!
i'll go and complain !!

:tears: poor oppa!!! really he must quit sbs!!
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NOOOOOOOO!! >.< how rude! I thought SBS was nice and all....but then again...i change my mind about them!!!
I wanna complain!! (GRRRRRR!)
That's so not fair that they didn't let rain-kun perform! he is the greatest, hottie out there! >w< yet they didn't let him perform? how stupid!!! -_-

wahhhhhhhhhhh! rain-kun don't trust them anymore!
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SBS dont diserve rain, RAIN is too famous for theme to do that and they dont have right to do that to other performers.GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
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Oh NO! Poor Bi Oppah .... awwwwwwww..... SBS is gonna BURN for this... UGH!
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