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Nightmare High [2]
Posted 11/13/08

vue123 wrote:

Miyu_Lina wrote:

"Hi Miyuko ~! has he ever kiss yu" i asked

" Hino theres so many people that yu know TT^TT" Saito said
" Its not my fault" I said to Saito

Who kissed me? I asked Hino

" sorry i was talking to yumi" I said
Posted 11/13/08
Ohh its alright
Posted 11/13/08
"ok there ..OoO strange " Saito said
Posted 11/13/08
my memory of last class re-appear,
"...i was kinda hoping to forget that,"
my lips heat up,
" plus; if i i asked him out, what fun would that be"
i smiled,
"let's eat!"
i wanted to change the subject,
i wanted to runaway from school
i wanted to quit being a teacher
i wanted to erase my memory
Posted 11/13/08
*looks beside Hino and sees a unknown boy*
We never meet before
Im Miyuko
Nice to meet you
Posted 11/13/08
" At least some people are polite Im Saito nice to meet you 2 " Siato said
" You make me mad ...." I turned to Yumi " So you did kiss him , you'll learn more about him.. then just a preverted boy .." i said
Posted 11/13/08
"i think all he is, IS a perverted player. >_<''
i sighed,
Posted 11/13/08
*smiles then my ears twitched*
Yumi likes akira?
Posted 11/13/08
i give miyuko a stern stare,
it's obvious what's she thinking,
Posted 11/13/08
*sees yumi stare then turn the other way*
Posted 11/13/08
i growled,
but gave up,
Posted 11/13/08
*looked at Yumi with a good luck smile and went outside*
Posted 11/13/08
"ok ill go up to him and ask him out for you Yumi" I sad
" your dirty" Saito said giggling
Posted 11/13/08
*took a deep breath*
So fresh....
Posted 11/13/08
(new characta~lol barging into the story *bows*)

Rin woke up and jolted upright startled. "It was just a dream.." She slowly got off the bed she was in and looked around the room. "Right..I slept at school."
She was about to make her way out the door when she was suddenly attacked from behind.
The girl snarled and bore her fangs, biting into her attacker's arms.
"Ouch~! That's cruel. How can you do that to your own brother?" the stranger got off and rubbed the bite marks.


Rin looked up with disbelief. He slighly frowned. " Don't tell me you forgot already? I'm-"
"Riku." she finished off, ""
"Aww Rin missed me so much, don't chu?" he teased playfully.
"I don't." she growled. After all these left me behind and then suddenly come back.. she turned away. "..what are you doing here?"
"Hehe I'm a doctor here," he showed his crest with a grin, "so that means I'll be able to see you everyday~!"
"Well I don't." she retorted and ran out of the room and made her way outside.
"Wait, Rin!" the boy desperately followed after her.
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