Shounen Vs Shoujo Romance Anime
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Posted 11/13/08 , edited 11/13/08
which is better shounen or shoujo romance?

I think both have good points...
i got no complaints in shounen romance its just that sometimes i find shoujo romance more romantic but sometimes in shoujo anime i find the male characters irritating SOMETIMES they are too aggressive (but not all shoujo romance have aggressive leading man)

these are my top 3 romance anime for shoujo:

Special A

Lovely Complex

Itazura na kiss

for Shounen:

Zero no Tsukaima season II


Prism Ark

if possible post your favorite Romance too, that makes your mind say "of course its shoujo/shounen"
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Posted 11/13/08
Em... How Do You Differentiate Shoujo Or Shounen romance??? My Favourite Romance Would Be Clannad,Between Nagisa And Tomaya.. They Look So Cute Together ^^
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Posted 11/13/08
i dont know what the difference between shoujo and shounen is but i liked the top two animes u put up "special a" and "lovely complex" so ill go for shoujo i guess
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Posted 11/13/08

I prefer most Shoujo romance (as long as the lead girl isn't a weak twat) because... I'm a girl and Shoujo is made for girls in general (not saying that guys can't watch shoujo)

My fave Shoujo Romances are...
Lovely Complex
Shugo Chara

My fave Shonen Romances are...

OTHER faves are... (dunno if these are shonen or shoujo or both)

So yeah... I prefer Shoujo cuz its mainly from a girl's point of veiw. I only like the ones with a proper plot and the main lead girl has to be interesting... she can't be the weak cry-all-the-time type, and definately has to be strong.

Shonen I like too, but I hate harems (no offence to those who like it)
Shonen is cool cuz its not always about romance, there's other stuff too like..erm... action or adventure and they're form the guy's point of veiw sometimes, which is interesting

All in all, I prefer Shoujo, but If i oculd have another choice it'd be BOTH!!!!

Oh and just a quesiton.. is Toradora shoujo or shonen or both? Can you even have both?

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Posted 11/13/08
ive seen all of them except for prism ark so i guess i like both
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Posted 11/13/08
there is a major difference from shoujo romance and shounen romance.

shoujo romance tend to have more complex and serious love story, but shounen romance have more this comedy element more than shoujo and usually, in shounen, there's more fanservice...

For my fav, is the tsundere love story such as shakugan no shana, zero no tsukaima or toradora!
Posted 11/13/08
No versus/or theads please. Start a poll for this instead

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