im was wondering where does ichigo always get stabbed in tough fights
Posted 11/13/08
its weird in mostly every serious fight i see ichigo get stabbed in the gut. (My Thought)
tell me how u think
Posted 11/13/08
Because he's fighting tough fighters. It would be dumb if he beats everybody without a scar.
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Posted 11/14/08
Well lesse here...Bleach is about soul reapers using swords and although the quickest way to kill someone would be to decapitate them, its not as easy as it looks. So case in point, stabbing people through their guts is a 90% chance of kill. A stab through their vitals would add another 9%.
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Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/14/08
I don't think discussing Ichigo's injuries be it in the gut or someplace else is really worth discussing.

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