Do you ever tried to send a gift to your favourive one?
Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/14/08
hm,,,i just thinking do u ever tried to send gift for your favourite singer or actor ?
or maybe u tried to write a letter in some company/entertainment?
i tried to write a letter in one entertainment week ago but i still don't get answer. i don't even think they answer for me but i really need it, maybe there is other way?
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Posted 11/14/08
what entertainment company/celebrity did you send it to?
it might take a while to get there, or that celeb might have too many fan letters already to respond to yours quickly enough.
and i REALLY doubt there is another way to contact them, so you might have to let it go ><

for the gift thing, i'm pretty sure they'll send it back to you.
it's a security thing, with all those crazy fans out there x]
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Posted 11/14/08
ive tried sending a msg to arron on some blog but i doubt the msg would get through .
i wish he would send something bak if he did get the msg
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