Lala Contest!
Posted 11/14/08

The Contest;
Lala Avatars present 'Lala Contest'!
a contest, which is taken place each month;
each month i will post a 'theme'
and in a banner/avatar/icon
you can create an image of your own choice of what the theme means to you

yellow]The Details;
>everyone will have 2 weeks to sumbit there pictures in the forum; 'contest photos'
>all photos must be submitted in 2 weeks over the theme annoucment; an timer will be placed on our profile for you to refer to
>after 2 weeks, me and other moderators will judge you photos;
> in about 2-5 days a winner will be annouced!

The Prize;
>every winner will recieve any thing that the group offers,
>a ID CARD for you place on your profile
>a certificate
>your image will be placed up on out profile for the remainer of the month,

The Rules;
>all pictures must PG-14
>not to many swear words,
>have fun

Sakura-chi !&moderators
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