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Post Reply ~Randomness 4 CR Points!!
Posted 11/14/08 , edited 1/17/09
This forum's currently made for me only~
So try not to post anything here~
*Talking randomness
*Commenting on randomness
*(What I love the most) Randomness!!!!!
Posted 11/14/08
Loads and Loads of randomness....

And blankness....
How 'bout a song?
Posted 11/14/08
~ya ppl know wat?
I'm just gonna keep posting...
on and on and on
until I get lots of CR points
cause u ppl obviously don't care...
Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/14/08
Sorry if I'm taking my anger out
Just had a stressful week
going on dat limo ride...
didn't even tell me...
Posted 11/14/08
Still posting randomly
If there's alotta posts...
ppl will come...
Posted 11/14/08
perhaps this is karma...
I'm not exactly active in other groups...
Posted 11/14/08
Well God,
What if I'm active in other groups?
Will you grant me the tiny wish of an active group then?
Posted 11/14/08
Yes, I am quite bitter
Though you can hardly blame me...
Posted 11/14/08
I find this really good to take stress out on...
Posted 11/14/08
...Though I still have tons more...
Posted 11/14/08 , edited 11/14/08
I just want to go on top of a hill, facing the horizon...
There's no civilization around for hundreds of miles...
There, I'll just scream...
I'll scream and scream and scream
I'll scream until I can't scream anymore
I'll scream until I don't want to scream anymore
I'll scream until... until I'm satisfied
Until all my anger, stress, fury has all been let out and thrown away
Only until I'm feeling anew will I ever come back down...
-Midori (hyuuganeji11)
Posted 11/14/08
Dis is my favorite forum so far~
Posted 11/14/08
...though I still have lots of air inside me...
Like stress...
It IS stress.
Posted 11/14/08
...I'mma go play my alto...
See if that helps...
Posted 11/14/08
Speaking of my alto~~
~Our band is doing homeroom caroling~
Then our big test is on Concert F Chromatic (for me, a D major), two octaves
~For those who understand~
I can play up and down fluently~
Now it's almost just like a habit~ where my finger is moving and all dat~
I'm so happy~~!!
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