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Post Reply ~Randomness 4 CR Points!!
Posted 11/14/08
~Isn't dis such an awesome forum topic~~?
So damn popular~
Posted 11/14/08
I'm reading Wayside School~
By Louis Sacher~
Right now, I'm reading
Wayside School Gets A Little Stranger
I just finished reading
Wayside School Is Falling Down
Louis Sacher is awesome~~
Posted 11/14/08
Ya see?
A lil tiny forum post gets me so many CR points...
Isn't that a tempting uh... tempt itself?
Posted 11/14/08
My word of the day:


I luv suave bishies~~~
Posted 11/14/08
Kaitou Kid is so damn hawt~~
Right now, it's a competition between him and Heiji~~
Shinichi doesn't count 'cause Kaito looks just like him
Unless we count Conan~
He's pretty hawt as well~~
Posted 11/14/08
Oh yeah~~
I'm working on a new banner~~
Posted 11/14/08
I wanna try dat fadey effect...
The theme is blue~~
But then...
My PhotoImpression ain't working...
Well, not responding...
Posted 11/14/08
Well, they do say patience is the key...
That's why there are so many locked doors in my life...
Posted 11/14/08
And that's why my brain, thoughts, emotions are all jumbled up

I keep on bumping into those doors...
Posted 11/14/08
Life is plenty harsh lately

I just can't imagine what it would be like if I'm older...
Posted 11/14/08

I'm not even sure I'll live that long...

Who knows just how much longer is humanity going to last?
Posted 11/14/08
The whole idea of the apocalypse and all...

It all just puts a...

how do I say this...

My chest feels as if there's a blank void,

a piece suddenly taken out...

So this...

this is real fear...
Posted 11/14/08
I know...

My thoughts are really morbid and solemn

So... Let's lighten up a bit!!!!
Posted 11/14/08
Hm... lightening up huh...
I've been reading manga~
You're my loveprize in viewfinder
Totally hawt bishies~
too bad their...

Posted 11/14/08
ok~~ I'll edit some pics and put 'em up~~~~
There's that color thing~

Totally weird outs the color~
Totally awesome~~
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