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Post Reply ~Randomness 4 CR Points!!
Posted 11/15/08
So it goes something like dis:

I type a word,

The next person types whateva they think about first when they see the word

Then he/she types another word

Posted 11/15/08
So it might be like dis:


(that word's just on my mind right now...)
Posted 11/15/08

(It comes naturally, from Nami's move from One Piece Mirage Tempo)


Posted 11/15/08

(shiranaiyo! It just comes!)

Posted 11/15/08
no taisetsu na hito

(It was one of my million story titles; rough translation: My Most Important Person)

Posted 11/15/08 , edited 11/15/08

(I'm beginning to think... My mind's on Nihongo right now, so everything is relating to it!!)

Posted 11/15/08
Phantom Toll Booth
Posted 11/15/08
Well that's enough of that...

I've been really addicted to yaoi lately...

And I've always been really addicted to those... sadistic ones
Posted 11/15/08

I've forbidden myself on using blue for da text until...

two after dis post!
Posted 11/15/08
On MangaFox there's dis yaoi manga called Cut

It's pretty... sadistic and emo...

Yes, this is real emo, with ppl cutting themselves emo

But the bishies are just too damned hot to leave behind without reading!!


I'm too obsessed...
Posted 11/15/08
Wait a minute...

Why do I say it like it's a bad thing?

Posted 11/15/08
This is awesome~

Though I seriously doubt anyone looks at these

This is like my not-so-private online diary~
Posted 11/15/08
I really don't mind people reading it~

But I just don't like people talking 'bout it...

I don't know why...
Posted 11/15/08

I just read da part where Yukimura beats Chiaki...

poor dude

Yukimura, I meant

But seriously... both of them have...
Posted 11/15/08
On da bright and non-manga side~!!!

I made dis random album on my profile~~

Filled it with awesome pictures of cool stuff~~

Take a look, O Dear Readers
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