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Taking care & Training a ROTTWEILER
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F / Dark Realms
Posted 1/9/09 , edited 1/9/09
i forgot i had this thread lol (baka me) well i got my wish! i have a rottie! yey! (i tell you he's not cheap, but i got my dad to say yes w/ my charm haha JK.) i named him CHAOS(male)...dunno why, i just like the way it sounds ne. he is so cute!

im reading the book on how to keep them calm and happy, and man!its a lot of fucking work!

he's got 2shots now, and i can take him anytime...when fully paid lol im loving my life right now
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Posted 1/9/09
there are no bad dogs. Just bad owners
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 8/6/09
Ah, old and outdated thread. Not to mention it's also a personal thread.
Wonder if she got the rotty? They're my second favourite dogs after the doberman
Anyway, use the general help thread. Thank you

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