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Posted 1/31/09 , edited 1/31/09
nevertheless, they are something huh!
an item should it be..
anyways, i've heard a lot of news about them and
just concider the fact whether they are together or not,
i still believe they are FATED..wOooh!

missing them..(as if i saw them^^,)
just can't help but fell in love w/ them all over..

i have dis news but this is way back from they kiss again..
i just can't help but laugh and freak until my last nerve
would blow up (i keep on exaggerating, am i not?)
although it's a bit old, lend me dis oppurtunity to share dis to u
but i'm a bit sure u have read it already..(for the sake of others..XD)
i still can't find any recent news..(alright keep on hanging..just for u guys to be excited)
here it goes..

Joe Cheng saw Lin Mama crying, and teased her on purpose :" let me have Ariel, i'll take care of her for the rest of my life." Lin Mama was crying even harder when she heard that, she said while wiping her tears :" If someday Ariel really did get married, I dont think i'll let her go. But Ariel was being calm, she said that she wont want such complicated marrying ceremony. She thinks that she looks kinda special in a Chi-Pao, and hopes that she could act in a series that takes place in the Republic of China (which is around 1912 or something like that)

yeah!now dats

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Posted 1/31/09
(still keeps on hanging..duh!)
just for u to be excited..
(come'on just have a peak on this forum and news)
swear, u can't get out in here..u'll definitely love to read more!XD

i know it's terrible if u can't get out..(just being so funny!)
did i mention funny?yah..i'm more w/ myself right now..

alright alright!
here is the other news..
credits from asianfanatics(i just stole it, i was about to contact and ask
the person who posted it but unfortunately on my way to search for him,
i wasn't able to...)

cause my aunt works at a network in taiwan.. but i wont tell where.. she said that talkshows are scripted.. she also said that joe is really handsome..
my aunt says she never heard a rumor or news about tiffany and joe..if she does she'll tell me right away... but the "crush" thing about's true.. she heard joe said that he has a crush to a girl whom he worked with..
she works at a network there.. and she's not just an ordinary employee..i really envy her 'cause she saw joe many times.. ariel too.. and other artists in taiwan..
my aunt says when joe was asked about a girl or about relationships and the like.. he's shy to answer those kind of question and say that work is his priority as of now.. but then he admitted that he likes someone and it makes us a little bit confuse..
oh my gosh.. my aunt e-mailed me already,, but what she said is not that important..she just want to share me that during the taping of ISWAK.. the staff and crew always tease joe and ariel.. especially when the scenes are sweet and the two cant help blushing.. nyahaha.. that's why there are lots of bloopers.. haha..
she was able to watch the taping of ISWAK once.. because her officemates asked her to come and see joe 'cause they like his wackiness..
ok guys.. just wanna share what my aunt told me in her email just right now..
well.. she said that someone from iswak staff is telling that yuan chang and yi chen developed a good relationship during the filming of iswak.. but they dont want rumors to spread out so the two decided to act like nothing or just colleagues in front of people and during interviews.. and they ask their co-artists and the staff to keep it as a their secret ,also said that its for their own careers too!..
but i replied to my aunt if that is a secret between the staff. yichen and joe.. why is it someone from the staff is telling it right?.. but its safe 'cause up to now no rumors coming out yet

ok!i'm not spreading rumors in here, am i?
let's just keep dis as a secret..
or else..but, if it is really a BIG rumor den let's just delete dis post(teary eye!)

have fun reading!!;))
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Posted 1/31/09
oopss!maybe u'll be confuse..
about the bolded letters above this post, the one who is narrating is not me..
yah!dats all..XD
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