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Posted 12/7/12

kafung wrote:

it's jinbei

good job
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Posted 2/1/13
It's Jinbei After he finishes what he needs to do.Buut...I think they need another female, Nami is way better now she was kinda useless before and Robin has Always been a bad ass. It's just adding a Female edition to the crew would be epic. Not saying just because i'm a female just saying. Although not sure Sanji would be able to take so many females at once, he almost died in Merman Island. LMAO
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Posted 5/24/13
A list of people who I consider to be (will be) part of Luffy's crew at one point or another:
1. Zoro
2. Usopp
3. Nami
4. Sanji
6. Chopper
7. Vivi
8. Karoo
9. Robin
10. Franky
11. Brook
12. Jinbei
13. Merry Go
14. Sunny Go

Well if there is to be another crew member, the question is.....what will that person's role be? We have our first mate and swordsman Zoro, the sharpshooter and handyman Usopp, the navigator and treasurer Nami, the cook Sanji, the doctor chopper, the princess Vivi and her pet Karoo, the historian Robin, the shipwright Franky, the musician brook and the fishman karate user Jinbei.

It would be difficult to chose anyone.... male or female.
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