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Do you collect manga? If yes, what did you collect?
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26 / M
Posted 10/24/10 , edited 10/24/10
Yes i do i like collecting and far prefer reading from manga from an actual book. I just started recently so not a very large collection and don't have much money so i can't buy as much manga as i would like, anyways here what i have:

Deadman wonderland vol 1-3
Yotsuba vol 1-2
Welcome to the nhk vol 1-7
Bakuman vol 1
Dance in the vampire bund vol 1
Future Diary vol 2
Ikigami vol 2
Gun Smith Cats Omnibus vol 1
Clover Omnibus vol 1
Death note vol 13

Not much but got to start somewhere I only buy online since its cheaper then in stores and much larger selection and availability. Mainly use but for non U.S manga buyers has the cheapest prices on most manga and free world wide shipping to over 50 countries.
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F / Earth
Posted 10/24/10
Ah heh -_-'' not much of a manga collector since it cost so much, but I do have a few volumes of Gakuen Alice. I'm hoping to get some Skip Beat though...
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25 / M / Here
Posted 10/24/10

djheadshot wrote:

cksoon11 wrote:

Not really.I'm still stuck at Yotsuba& vol 1.Mostly because I'm too cheap to buy the rest. $11+tax X 8 vol = .Otherwise I do buy some obscure shoujo mangas since I can't read it otherwise.

you could try buying used books on amazon they usually cost as low as 4 bucks and thats with shipping and handling. Example:

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26 / M
Posted 11/30/11
Posted 12/22/11
I have:

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: 1-18 (all volumes.<3)
Wolf's Rain: 1-2
Naruto: 3 and 4
Tokyo Mew Mew: 1-5
Tokyo Mew Mew a'la mode: 1-2
Meitantei Conan: 5-13, 34, 40, 51 (+ some others but I don't remember what volumes :D)
Ranma ½: 5-23 (+ three other but don't remember what volumes :P)
Fruits Basket: 9, 14 and 17

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23 / F
Posted 12/22/11
None.. because I can't find ALL volumes for a SINGLE manga.
Posted 12/26/11 , edited 12/26/11
My collection consist of only Japanese manga(to the newest vol.):

Hitman Reborn
Nurarihyon no Mago
Heart no Kuni no Alice(QuinRose)
1/2 Prince( Chinese)
Tegami Bachi
Diamond no Ace
Hana to Akuma
Inazuma Eleven
+C: Sword and Cornett
Law of Ueki
Area no Kishi
Pandora Hearts
Hunter X Hunter
Gundam 00
Seikon no Qwaser
Kuroko no Basuke
One Piece
D. Gray Man
Fairy Tail
Prince of Tennis
Rurouni Kenshin
Nyan Koi
.//Hack Roots
Romeo X Juliet
The Sacret Blacksmith

And I just ordered the newest vol. of Kuroko no Basuke <3
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22 / M / Long Beach
Posted 12/27/11
Never collected manga before, but I've always wanted to! I've just started collecting, and so far I only have half of the Yotsubato series
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33 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 12/27/11
I've started collecting Shonen Jumps, but I'm unsure if I can continue to work it into my budget.
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22 / M / London, United Ki...
Posted 12/27/11 , edited 12/27/11
Fairy Tail (1 to latest) - Contains every aspect for entertainment.

Naruto (1-28 - i might be selling that since its not all in perfect condition + i need to make room on my shelf)

Bleach (1-32) - stopped collecting for now since its really far behind the actual anime.

Ikki Tousen / Battle Vixens (1-15) - still waiting for next volume even after tokyopop's fall. - i loved the fight scenes :L

Black Lagoon (1-9) full set atm

Rosario + Vampire (1-10 Season One, 1-latest Season Two) - enjoy this series its completely different from the anime.

Black Bird (1-10) again waiting for the next volume - this one quite caught my eye.

Blue Exorcist (1-3) the ending of the anime kinda bored me to get the next book... i liked it at the start tho :/

Initial D (1-5, 7,8,9,11 & 14) this series is very rare and expensive to collect even second hand books start to cost £14+. so i only bought the cheepest ones i hope in future to get the missing sections. - again when is this anime gonna continue :S

Battle Club (1-6) - same reason as Battle Vixens/Ikki Tousen.

High School of the Dead (1-4) - i want the next season out NOOOWWW!!!!!!! + i'm waiting on the next volumes :)

+ Many Volume 1s of some random manga series (One day i will get the next volume :L)

then i got loads of translated ones on my iPhone (i got just as much saved on my phone as i've got equal to my music giga bytes approx 12 to 16 GB) since i can preserve the conditions of my manga (All perfect only Bleach and Naruto have become slightly yellow on paper :S) - ofc these ones i've saved on my phone is every chapter of the series i own in books + some that arn't released in english as a manga if they were i would buy them.

i read aloads of manga i've also just become intersted in the Romance genre - it would be nice if any of you could recommened me a series include a list if possible since i might have already read the ones mentioned - Truly greatfull Thanks! :D

PS: all this wasn't cheep :S - most was bought brand new some was like-new second hand. the Naruto and Bleach turned yellow due to me being retarded and leaving it outside in front of my house in a box that was open so the sun light shined on it for the next 8 hours i believe (this was during summer) i google this up and apperently its not even ment to happen unless it was for like a month but it did >_<

anyways i've been become much more budget tight, saving for a car + the car & tuning parts after that (4 Year Process). i do intend to keep most of them tho also forgot to mention i've also got figures/statues (Hentai Statues) mostly from Ikki Tousen :L

Btw to buy manga trust the book depository (EU) or in general Amazon - cheepest prices but if your gonna buy in bulk go to Forbidden Planet they have their 3 for the price of 2 offer - possibly amazon is cheeper but this way u can see the actual condition + the whole selection is in front of you and i usually think as the extra money that i could of saved from amazon as if i got a one day instant delivery :L
If you're budget tight - select a series u know you will read. and buy manga from amazon if your seriously budget tight u can buy it second hand from amazon (i don't usually recommened this since i've ordered one and it was listed as *GOOD* condition it was the worse looking one on my shelf even my Yellow Paged Naruto Books looked better and i though those naruto books will barely pass as Acceptable - people don't know how to describe books - never trust second hand unless u can acctually see it or its listed as like new with a comment like read once. that way if it does arrive bad condition u got a absolute right to return it. - some of you may think why do you care soo much in conditions, you never know when u can find a rare book and if its in perfect condition (most manga book don't come with a shrink wrap) you could sell it as new instead of like new. e.g. Battle Vixens / Ikki Tousen - English Print - Volume 14 is very rare and goes for rediculous prices online. i'm acctually lucky to get two copys of that 1 sealed and 1 in like new condition :)
i'm also trying to collect Tokyopop books since in future they will be worth loads - Tho i hate to see these go away so usually when i go to sell my manga i hope they go to a nice home and on a proper shelf (Window Ledge doesn't count)

Anyways refering back to my request from the readers. i would like a list of romance mangas Thanks for reading
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30 / M / Undella Town, Uno...
Posted 12/27/11
the list of manga i have is really long but some of wat i have are Princess Resurrection Vol 1-7, Hayate x Blade Omnibus Collection 1 and Vol 4-5, Naruto Vol 1-50, Soul Eater Vol 1-5, Rosario + Vampire Vol 1-10 and Rosario + Vampire Season Vol 1-6, Negima! Magister Negi Magi Vol 1-29 and so on
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22 / Malaysia
Posted 12/27/11
I've collected:

Death Note vol 1 and 4
Gravitation vol 10 and 11
Loveless vol 1-4
Togainu No Chi vol 3-6
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23 / F / San Carlos city
Posted 12/27/11
matantei loki ragnarok
girls bravo
fruits basket
kamichama karin
neck and neck
cardcaptor sakura
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23 / F / Parish, NY
Posted 12/27/11
I used to, killed a lot of money that way- was completely content since it wasn't my money. Ya know, that whole weeaboo shabam. Then I found the wonders of reading scanlations online- then I got lazy. Now I hardly ever read that stuff een though my Kindle lets me buy it.
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27 / M / United States
Posted 12/27/11
Yes i do, i have

Eureka Seven vol. 1-6
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan vol. 1-5
Toriko vol. 1-5
Blue Exorcist vol. 1-5
Monster hunter orage vol. 1-2
Pandora Hearts vol. 1-7
Hunter x Hunter vol. 1-12
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