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Do you collect manga? If yes, what did you collect?
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48 / M / Within the Empire...
Posted 12/28/11 , edited 12/28/11
I collect "D-Gray man" (Katsura Hoshino is my current favorite Manga-ka) and was collecting all versions of "Code Geass" (Lelouch, Suzaku, & Nunnally versions) but haven't been keeping up with those lately. I was also collecting "Aria" starting back when ADV was publishing it and kept on when Tokyo Pop took it up, but since they folded I dunno where I'm going to get translations of that going from volume 7 on up to the end (I tried reading it in the original Japanese but with my limited knowledge and skill it was just too hard, even with all the hurigana included to help with the Kanji's).

I've also started collecting "Bunny Drop" and this other one from VIZ called "I'll give it My All.....Tomorrow". Love the storytelling from a more grown up perspective that those two give.

For the record, I also own all 28 volumes of "Ruroni Kenshin", but most of those I got from a friend who worked at the local library who got them for me because the library was discarding them.
Posted 12/31/11
Collected over past 6 years...
azumanga daioh-3
beauty pop-9
DN angel-3
the dreaming-2
fruits basket-whole set
full moon-whole set
gentlemens alliance-9
one piece-53
pita ten-5
saiunkoku monogatari-5
tokyo mew mew-4
vampire knight-8

Yep theres like 150 there :/ Im gonna run out of storage space soon :P
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35 / F / Buried under a pi...
Posted 1/1/12
I collect a LOT of manga. If reviewers highly recommend something, I check it out. If I liked the Anime version, I usually get the manga version, unless the Anime is so absolutely perfect that I have no desire to read the manga version. I usually don't give away anything.
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31 / F / UK
Posted 1/1/12
I would love to list all my collection, but being over 1400 it takes far too long

When I first really started collecting manga it was whatever Shonen Jump produced, now it's more Shojo and Shojo Beat mangas.
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19 / M / Somewhere over th...
Posted 1/1/12
I collected all the hayate no gotoku mangas all the bleach mangas all of one piece all of dragon drive all of cased closed all of rama 1/2
all of shugo chara all of reborn. and there are a couple more. but I have only about 115 of all of them
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28 / M / PA
Posted 1/1/12 , edited 1/1/12
I got a small collection going:
Claymore - 1
Deathnote - 1-13
GITS:stand alone complex - 1
High school of the Dead - 1-2
Negima! - 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Campus apocalypse - 1
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The shinji ikari raising project - 1
Qwaser of the Stigmata - 1
Rosario + Vampire season 1 - 1-4
Soul Eater - 1-6

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F / United Kingdom
Posted 1/2/12
I've been at uni these past three years, so I haven't bought a lot recently, but I love to collect my favourites! Unfortunately I don't have the money for them all, but I own:

Naruto 1-27 (had to stop collecting before uni to save money lol)
Bleach 1-23
Fruits Basket 1-23
Kuroshitsuji 1-7
Pandora Hearts 1-7
UraBoku 1-2 (omnibuses)
Cardcaptor Sakura 1-2 (omnibuses)
Tsubasa RC 1-28
xxxHolic 1-10
Dogs: BaC 0-3
Yami no Matsuei 1-3
D. Gray-Man 1-4
FMA 1 (need to fix that :D)
Legal Drug 1-3
Gate 7 1
Dazzle 1
Ouran 1
Zombiepowder 1
Peace Maker 1
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 1
Clamp School Detectives 1
Gintama 1 and 15

I'd love to have more, but I have no money or space! (^^)'
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25 / M
Posted 1/2/12 , edited 1/2/12
Hack G.U.+ 2,3,5
Air gear 1
Bo bo bo 5
deadman wonderland 1,4
deathnote 1-13 , and a second number 1 hardback
fairy tail vol 1
Great teacher onizuka vol 1-9
Haruhi suzumiya 1-7
higurashi when they cry beyond midnight 1-2
Hunter X Hunter vol 1-19
inuyasha viz big 1
Inuyasha 45-48
Katte Ni Kazio vol 1 in japanese
One piece vol 1-7
Hitman reborn 1-16, vol 17 - 23 in japanese
ruroni kenshin 1-5
Sket dance vol 1-2 in japanese
This ugly yet beautiful world vol 1-3
Zatch bell 1-22, and 25
yugioh vol 1

Total number of volumes : 130
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34 / M
Posted 1/2/12
As a "newbie" to manga, I have just started collecting the redone Sailor Moon manga. With every release I purchase, I add one more to my growing collection.

I also want to purchase the Love Hina manga for myself after borrowing it from someone. And there are other mangas I may check out as well.
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23 / F / Turn around, see...
Posted 1/2/12 , edited 1/2/12
Kekkaishi -6
Shaman King- 1
Rin-ne- 1
Ranama 1/2 -3
Maison Ikkoku -8
Inuyasha viz big -7
D N Angel -12
Gintama -23
Bokura ga ita- 6
Naruto 3-in-1 -1
One Piece 3-in-1-2
Tokyo Mew Mew- 2
Fruits Basket -26
D. Gray man- 9
Full Metal Alchemist- 26
Shrine of the morning mist -1
prince of tennis-1
Bare foot gen-2
Ark Angels-2
Chobits -1
Miracle X miracle-1
20th Century boys-1
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Posted 1/2/12
Manga I collect (most of them are single LOLLOL)

+Anima - 2
Alice in the country of hearts - 2
Bakuman - 5
Blue Exorcist - 3
ChocoMimi - 4
Fairy Tail - 4
Koko ni Iru Yo! - 2
Kamichama Karin - 2
Shugo Chara - 5
Pokemon (Series with different titles o3o) - 5
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29 / M / 東京, Vancouver
Posted 1/4/12
I have a very small manga collection:
Genshiken Vol 7,8,9,10,11
Spice and Wolf Vol 1
Otoyomegatari Vol 1
Vagabond Vol 1,2,3
Bakuman Vol 1,2
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18 / F
Posted 1/4/12
I barely have Genakku Picasso 1-3
and Shounen Jump magazines from 2006- today T^T
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25 / F / Denmark
Posted 1/5/12 , edited 1/5/12
Chrono Crusade
Demon Diary
Full Metal Alchemist
Love Hina
Manga Love Story
One Piece
Ranma ½
Rosario + Vampire
Samurai Deeper Kyo
SGT Frog
Shaman King
The Demon Ororon
Tokyo Mew Mew
Tokyo Mew Mew à la Mode

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24 / F / Texas
Posted 1/5/12
Currently I own:
Initial D Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8,9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
Blue Exorcist Volume 1-3
Trinity Blood Volume 11
Vampire Knight Volume 1-5
Ballads of a Shinigami Volume 1-2
Ranma 1/2
Bloody Monday Volumes 1-2
Kare Kano Volume 1
To Heart Volume 1
Hell Girl Volume 1
Kamikaze Girls
Onegai Twins
.hack sign random books
Natsume Yuujincho: Book of Friends Volume 1-3
Time Guardian Volume 1
Desert Coal Volume 1
Sakura Taisen Volume 1
St. Dragon Girl Volume 1
Orphen Volume 4
Jing: King of Bandits Volume 1
Kamui Volume 1
Kamiyadori Volume 1
Pre Tear Volume Volume 3
Devil May Cry Volume 1-3
Calling You
Kamikaze Girls
Amazing Agent Luna Volume 1-6
Death Note Volume 1
Tegami Bachi 1-3
Destiny's Hand Volume 1

Yup this is defiantly a lot but either way...I'm planning on buying more later lol
I'm such a dork
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