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Do you collect manga? If yes, what did you collect?
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28 / F / Manila
Posted 2/8/12
I only have Cardcaptor Sakura and X/1999

Not yet complete =__=
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22 / F / watching anime
Posted 2/9/12

Fairy Tail
shugo chara
High school host club
tokyo mew mew
Absolute boyfriend
Tusubasa (different series then thinking)
Fruit Basket
Skip beat
Library Wars
....I think I have more but I can't remember at the momment

I don't want to collect a big series like Naruto or One Piece unless I really want the series because I will try to buy the whole thing thus putting a dent in my wallet
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29 / F / irst
Posted 2/11/12
I recently counted, and I have about 150 volumes of manga, so I won't say all I've ever collected. I'm currently in the process of collecting Pandora Hearts, and Blue Exorcist. I need some volumes still to round off my FMA set. I plan to collect Jiu Jiu when it comes out.

I keep a catalog of what I have, and what I need, so if I ever come across something I need, I don't buy duplicates.
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20 / F / Alabama
Posted 2/11/12
manga is just way to expensive or well at least i think so. I wish i could own all my favorite mangas but it would end up costing me hundreds of
dollars because i love alot of manga
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F / Australia
Posted 2/12/12
I collect:
Shugo Chara (Finished Collecting)
Lucky Star
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25 / F / Wonderland
Posted 2/13/12
I collect only the best ones

I have...

Trinity Blood 1-13
NANA 1-21
Hellsing 1-10
missing a few numbers though :(

then I have some random volumes of Bleach, Fruits Basket, Paradise Kiss and a few oneshots.
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28 / M / Australia
Posted 2/14/12
cant be bothered going through them all, but I have a full bookshelf full. My biggest collection of 1 series would be d. Gray man which I have every English one out.
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26 / M
Posted 3/1/12
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Posted 3/3/12 , edited 3/3/12
I haven't taken inventory to see how many I've collected as of late but I own a huge amount over the course of 10 years, probably went past 200 a long time ago. Would have been collecting more had Tokyopop not shut down their NA branch.
The ones I'm currently collecting are:
- the CLAMP omnibuses(CCS and trying to get Magic Knights Rayearth)
- D.Grayman
- Pandora Hearts
- Oresama Teacher
- Natsume~Book of Friends
- Arisa
- random yaoi mangas(such as Viewfinder, Private Teacher, etc.)
- Spiral~ Bonds of Reasoning

Ooh. I really want Flame of Recca in its entirety though.
Posted 3/4/12
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26 / F / Where am I?
Posted 3/4/12 , edited 3/4/12
Absolute Boyfriend - 6/7 (completed series)
Angel Sanctuary - 2
Meru Puri - 1
Cain Saga - 1
Me and My Brothers - 1-4, 7 & 10
Alice in the Country of Hearts - 5
Tokyo Mew Mew - 2 (Omnibus editions)
Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle - 1 (Omnibus edition)
Ninja Girls - 4
Hetalia - 2
Camera Camera Camera -2 (completed)
Loveless - 8
Sailor Moon - 3
Codename Sailor V - 2

I think that's about it....
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22 / F
Posted 3/10/12
hmm, let's see...
- Absolute boyfriend vol. 1
- Blue excorcist vol. 1
- Otomen vol 1 - 11
- Wild ones vol. 1 - 4
- Flower in a storm vol. 1
- Fushigi yuugi genbu kaiden vol. 1 - 9
- Fushigi yuugi (Big edition) vol. 2
- Blank slate vol. 1 - 2
- Dawn of the arcana vol. 1 - 2
- Black bird vol 1 - 6
- Bride of the water god vol. 1 - 10 (technically a manwha but whatever...)
- Dengeki daisy vol. 1-8
- Night of the beast vol. 1- 6
- Yurara vol. 1 - 3
- La corda d'oro vol. 1
- The gentlemen's alliance vol. 1 - 2
- high school debut vol. 9-13
- Inuyasha vol. 1 - 3
- Naruto vol. 1
- Punch vol. 1 - 3
- Gabakawa
- Mixed vegetables vol. 1-2

I think that was all... honestly i didn't realize had this many, and i'll most likely keep buying more.. oh, dear...:P
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22 / F / behind you
Posted 3/10/12 , edited 3/10/12
I have....
.Hack (omnibus so completed kinda)
Absolute boyfriend (other half completed in the shoujo beat magazines).
Azumanga Daioh (the omnibus, so it's completed XD)
Beauty pop (completed)
D-gray man
Chobits (completed in Japanese and English)
Death Note
Fall in Love like a comic (completed)
Fruits Basket (completed)
Full Moon o Sagashite (completed)
The Gentlemens Alliance (compelted)
Imadoki Nowadays
Kamikaze Kaito Jeane (completed)
Midori Days (completed)
Nana (series not finished :(((( )
Paradise Kiss (completed)
Q-ko chan
Skip Beat
Tokyo Mew Mew
Wild Ones (TRYING to complete)
Sugar Runes
Yotsuba (Japanese)

and a bunch of others that i don't quite recall yet, my library costed me somewhat over 2000 but i often re-read these so >:O not a waste! I'm planning on expanding my library to japanese manga too so i can study more o:)

hehe as you can tell im a fan of Arina Tanemura

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Posted 3/13/12
Cross game volume 1 (i wanted to collect all since i love the anime but so far i only read up to the 3rd chapter after months)

Light novels (i know light novels=/= manga but they are about the same anyway)
Seitokai no Ichizon vol 1-7
Seitokai no Ichizon spinoff vol1-2
Kokoro Connect - vol 1

All the manga/light novels i own are china/taiwan version.
With some that ends up to be a mix of china and taiwan version.

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Posted 3/14/12
I am new to the manga scene about 2 years is my starting point. I was in the military so I started with Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, and Shonen Jump issues. Then I collected some Viz Signature series stuff like Black Lagoon, and Vagabond but not deep in count with those series. I graduated to German editions of Fairy Tail, D-Grayman, Deathnote, and Bakuman. Now back home I have gotten into collecting from the bottom up Ultimo, Blue Exorcist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Battlefront Blood Blockade. Blue Exorcist being my favorite and and having really high hope for Battlefront Blood Blockade and maybe looking to collect Soul Eater.
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