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Do you collect manga? If yes, what did you collect?
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23 / M / Australia
Posted 3/14/12
i started collecting manga near the end of last year so i don't have that many but i'll get more eventually
the ones that i do have are

rosario+vampire vol 1-2
soul eater vol 1-2
highshcool of the dead vol1
blue/ ao no exorcist vol 1-6
kekkaishi vol1-3
nura: rise of yakai clan vol1
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34 / F
Posted 3/14/12
Hmm... They're all as complete as the publishers (or my wallet) will let me get them. And I think this is all of them

--Hana Kimi --My Girlfriend's a Geek
--Butterflies, Flowers --Boy Princess
--Magic Touch --Wanted
--Wild Ones --Black Bird
--Shinobi Life --Backstage Prince
--Her Majesty's Dog --Captive Hearts
--Night of the Beasts --MeruPuri
--Evil's Return --Vampire Knight
--Four-eyed Prince --Seduction More Beautiful Than Love
--Banya --Bride of the Water God
--Cross --The Earl & the Fairy
--Kasumi --Absolute Boyfriend
--Dawn of the Arcana --Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
--Dengeki Daisy

Holy Crap! I've never listed them before!
And I plan to add Blood Alone next week because I'm a sucker for vampire stories. (It may just be I'm a sucker for manga ).
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23 / Great White North
Posted 3/15/12
If I had the money, I would. First manga I've ever bought was vol 1 of Air Gear.

Sadly, I'd rather save up for cosplaying.
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21 / F / Malaysia
Posted 3/16/12
some shoujo manga, mostly one-shots by Taamo, Obata Yuuki and Motomi Kyousuke
- Koitsukiyo no Himegoto
-Shoujo no Melancholy
-Ano Ko to Boku no Ie
-Otokamae! Beads Club
-Sumire wa Blue
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F / United States
Posted 3/16/12
I have a lot more anime than manga, but I still have two shelves on my bookshelf full of manga.
Underlined = complete

Ouran HSHC 1-3
Millennium Snow
Gunslinger Girl 1-8
Mushi-shi 1
Code Geass: Suzaku
Code Geass: Lelouch 1-5
Code Geass: Nunnally 1-2
FullMetal Alchemist (My most prized out of all my manga. Also have volumes 1-3 in French, got them as a souvenir when I went there)
Tokyo Mew Mew/ TMM A la Mode
Kamichama Karin 1-5
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle 1-4
Cardcaptor Sakura 1-3
Imadoki 1-4

Plus I have one issue of the Yen Press magazine (which has like 6 different manga in it) and one issue of Shonen Jump, and my sister shares Kon Kon Kokon and Kitchen Princess with me.
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28 / M / Grande Prairie, A...
Posted 3/17/12
Well I've just recently started collecting manga so my collection is not that big. I have

One Piece up to vol 23
Black Butler Vol 1-5
Bakuman Vol 1-3
and Higurashi When they cry Vol1 and 2 of the Abducted by Demons arc.

Definitely going to continue to read and collect manga, although I am sort of at a standstill since I am going to school, not so much money available anymore.
Posted 3/18/12
collected manga.......

FMA (1-27)
Kurosagi corpse delivery service (1-11)
One piece (1-35)
Ikigami (1-7)
Naruto (1-55)
Death note (1-12)
Bleach (1-38)
Shaman warrior (not to be confused with shaman king) (1-9)
Dragonball/ Z (1-16 and 1-26)
Pyscho (1-5)

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25 / F
Posted 3/19/12

djheadshot wrote:

cksoon11 wrote:

Not really.I'm still stuck at Yotsuba& vol 1.Mostly because I'm too cheap to buy the rest. $11+tax X 8 vol = .Otherwise I do buy some obscure shoujo mangas since I can't read it otherwise.

You should buy online instead if you want to save money http://www.bookdepository.com/ has the lowest prices around for alot of books and has free shipping worldwide to alot of different countries. I bought a book from them and arrived in 8 days in perfect condition shrink wrapped.

Hi there,

Sorry to disturb you but I would like to ask you that is the site, you mentioned, having books on discounts? I am searching for various kinds of online book sellers with cheapest rates. Manga is very costly. But I found www.Amazon.com, www.eBay.com, www.booksfreedelivery.com and many more at my convenient rates. I would love to here from you.

Thanks in advance
Himani Chokshi
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M / England
Posted 3/19/12
My small manga collection at the minute contains:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn Volume 1
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Volumes 1 and 2
Bleach Volumes 1 and 2
Deathnote Volume 1-8
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22 / M / Sweden
Posted 3/19/12
I only have the complete Death Note collection and the first volume of Naruto. I would have more but Manga volumes in Sweden are so stupidly translated and Death Note was decent, thus worth buying.
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22 / F / NYC
Posted 3/20/12
I actually don't really collect mangas.
I have Fruit's Basket 1-4 and #15.
Also Naruto 1-6.
And that's about it.. It can be a bit too expensive and when I do have other books I mainly keep them for the artwork. I just borrow from Libraries and read online.
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23 / F
Posted 3/20/12

Tsubasa chronicles
Vampire Knight
and Bleach
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25 / M / Austria
Posted 3/22/12
Meitantei Conan 1-72
Utsurowazaru Mono: Breath Of Fire IV Volumes 1-5
Dragon Ball 40-42
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26 / M / Australia
Posted 3/22/12
I only have 2k worth of manga
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24 / M
Posted 3/22/12
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