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Do you collect manga? If yes, what did you collect?
Posted 6/1/12
Naruto 1-55 [still trying to get other Vol/s]
Kuroshitsuji 1-13 [waiting for the next Vol/s]
07-Ghost 1-5 [waiting for the next Vol/s]
Pandora Heart 1-15 [waiting for the next Vol/s]
xxxHOLiC 1-16
Under The Rose 1-5
can Nakayoshi or Shounen Jump count as manga vol??^^ i think can't eh?
Yaoi Manga/s which impossible to write those down one by one =___="
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Posted 6/1/12
I dont collect..only watch
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Posted 6/1/12
I have 54 Book Titles :-) and more than 54 books in total.
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43 / M / Canada
Posted 6/4/12
All of Ganmu / Battle Angel and Last Order, Tenjou Tenge, Heaven's Prison, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Miniskirt Space Pirates (light novels, not Manga, few pictures), years of Ultrajump, some Evening magazines.
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21 / M / st.john's
Posted 6/4/12
i just got:
la corda d`oro volume 13.
negima magister negi magi volume 28.

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30 / F / UK
Posted 6/4/12
I have a few:

Shaman King,
Rurouni Kenshin,
Gentlemans Alliance Cross
Sensual (Kaiken) Phrase
Ouran High School Host club
Vampire Knight
Tail of the Moon
and Black Bird
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20 / F / LV.
Posted 6/4/12
I don't collect manga now; barely even read them. Around 4 years ago I use to collect yaoi manga though.
I'm sure I could dig them up somewhere in my closet. Now I just stick to watching anime and reading literature books.
Posted 6/5/12
I collect a few too. I try to stay current and buy the newest volumes when they come out but I've been slacking a bit lol. I also have some that I really dont intend to complete because the publisher went out or I lost interest in the plot.

Blue Exorcist: 1-5
Dengeki Daisy: 1-7
Zombie Loan: 1-3
Shinobi Life 1-10
Hana-Kimi: 1-20
Ouran High: 1-11
Vampire Knight 1-11
Mixed Vegetables: 1-3
Love Attack 1-4
Cactus's Secret 1-4
Black Bird 1-3
Kimi ni Todoke 1-3

There were series I planned on adding to my collection from Tokyopop, but the ones that managed to get printed are really rare/expensive now. I sometimes buy from a seller on Ebay in Japan who has raw volumes and offers english translations. The translations are decent and its cool to have something genuinley authentic in my collection.

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18 / F / Hidden Leaf Village
Posted 6/5/12
Naruto, Darren Shan and 13th Boy.
I hope to collect lots more like: Dragon Ball Z, Bleach and One Piece <3
Posted 6/5/12
I got complete eureka 7 and im collecting Fullmetal Alchemist atm
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24 / M
Posted 6/5/12 , edited 6/5/12
i'd like one piece
one piece is already going to one piece 670
too many and too expensive
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Posted 6/11/12 , edited 6/11/12
The only manga I've collected and I just started a few months ago is Monster.

Oh and the Viz Shonen Jump
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27 / M / Oregon, Land of.....
Posted 6/12/12
I Too collect this thing called Manga
So far I have:
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Complete, 7 Volumes)
Saikano (Complete, 7 Volumes)
DearS (8 Volumes)
Rave Master (6 Volumes)
Oh! My Goddess (7 Volumes)
K-On (4 Volumes)
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2 Volumes, plus book)
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (Complete, 1 Volume)
Girls Bravo

Since I've completed my Star Wars book collection until Mercy Kill comes out in August, I plan on add to this collection more each month. I will probably add volumes to my incomplete sets, but I also look forward to tracking down Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad, Goshūshō-sama Ninomiya-kun, Rurouni Kenshin, Shuffle, Claymore, Akira, Neon Genesis Evangelion and more.
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18 / F / Right here.
Posted 6/12/12
I dont have any manga at all..
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23 / M
Posted 6/12/12
My collection consist of a single volume of Case Closed(aka Detective Conan)
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